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The sentencing of Stephen Lawrence's killers to life, headlines today's teatime newslinks


  • MurderersThe judge in the Stephen Lawrence murder case condemns the "racist, evil" crime as he sentences Lawrence's killers - Telegraph
  • Dobson and Norris' sentences are restricted by a 1993 law - their sentences would be double if the murder was committed today - Independent
  • The sentencing of Dobson and Norris marks an end to 19year in "limbo", says Doreen Lawrence - Telegraph
  • Lawrence killers expected to get extra protection in prison for fear of revenge attacks - Daily Mail
  • Met Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe says the remaining suspects for Lawrence's murder "should not rest easily in their beds" - BBC
  • 'The Lawrence family have led a "dignified pursuit of justice, they are a fine example to us all" says Boris Johnson' - ToryDiary
  • Mary Riddell: 'Have the Lawrence murderers got off too lightly?' - Telegraph


  • Gove2'Gove labels Academies critics "enemies of promise" who are "happy with failure" - ToryDiary I Evening Standard
  • Gove condemns Academy opponents - BBC
  • 'Gove attacks 'failure' of left-wing educational establishment' - Telegraph
  • Gove launches an attack on anti-Academy teachers and councillors - Guardian
  • Peter Hoskin: "Michael Gove has never been timid in confronting the education bureaucracy, but his attack on them today is particularly — and noteworthily — unforgiving" - Spectator
  • Toby Young: Gove is right: academies are raising standards: "Isn't it about time the leaders of the teaching unions acknowledged the success of the academy programme instead of continuing to deride it?" - Telegraph
  • Daniel Knowles: "On education at least, Labour still doesn't have a clue: perversely, they insist on supporting a system of education which benefits mostly the wealthiest" - Telegraph


  • ThatcherMeryl Streep premiers Thatcher biopic - SkyNews and is the bookies favourite for Best Actress Oscar - NME
  • Thatcher's family reject invitation to tonight's premiere of the Iron Lady - Scotsman
  • Former Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd attacks the "ghoulish" Thatcher biopic - Evening Standard
  • 'Tory grandees attack ‘unkind’ portrait of Thatcher in Iron Lady film' - Times (£)
  • "Failure of strength and health and forgetfulness is not a shameful thing to put on the screen" says director Phyllida Lloyd - Evening Standard
  • Matthew d'Ancona: "It is curious to reflect that the main political event of the first week of 2012 is a film about a prime minister who left No 10 more than 21 years ago" - Evening Standard


  • RomneyAna-Marie Cox: "Between Paul and Santorum, nearly half of Iowa caucus-goers rejected the one man "most agree" is the most electable of all candidates" - Guardian
  • Toby Harnden: 'Two winners in Iowa, but a clear path ahead for Romney' - Daily Mail
  • James Delingpole: "The truth is Rick Santorum is so left on the issues that matter he makes even Mitt Romney look like a red meat conservative. Be very afraid, Republican America. This is how bad things are" - Telegraph
  • Michael White: 'America's apocalyptic Republicans: bring 'em on' - Guardian
  • Janet Daley: Take note Britain: US election will be fought on "fundamental principles of the role & size of government" - Telegraph
  • Fraser Nelson: "Instead of white smoke, Iowa is belching thick fog. Mitt Romney has won by, erm, eight votes" - Spectator
  • Timothy Stanley: "Pundits will say that Romney basically won the nomination in Iowa. I’m not so sure" - Telegraph
  • The best reactions and commentary on the Iowa Tie from ConHomeUSA


  • Hague_william_nwHague to meet Burmese President Thein Sein and democracy movement icon Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon on his visit to promote democratic reforms in the country - Telegraph
  • "The company responsible for re-examining the legitimacy of millions of disability benefit claimants is struggling to meet government demands" - Times (£)
  • Norman Tebbit: The €uro is nothing more than a sacred cow. It is time to take it to the abattoir - Telegraph
  • Andrew Lansley plays down breast implant rupture fears - Guardian
  • Lansley is supportive of a register for implants  - Telegraph
  • Oliver Wiseman: "To make Britain the best place in the world to do science. This was the simple, if ambitious, government goal outlined by David Willetts in a speech today" - TotalPolitics
  • Jane Martinson: "With a GQ spread under her belt, Mensch is a woman unafraid of controversy. Can she stay on the backbenches much longer?" - Guardian