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Cameron "has confidence" in Huhne, as decision on speeding fine gets closer


  • HuhneA decision over whether to charge Huhne with an offence could be make in weeks - Telegraph
  • The Sunday Times has dropped its challenge to a court ruling ordering it to hand over emails to police relating to speeding claims against Chris Huhne - BBC I Guardian
  • Cameron "has confidence" in Chris Huhne - Telegraph
  • The Telegraph timelines Chris Huhne's crisis - Telegraph
  • Pete Hoskin: 'What odds, this morning, on Chris Huhne retaining his ‘Survivor of the Year’ crown at this year's Spectator Parliamentarian Awards?' - Spectator


  • GraylingChris Grayling tells Radio 4 that the Government is trying to prevent "benefit tourism" - Guardian
  • Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch and Dr Matt Cavanagh of the Institute for Public Policy Research debate immigration - Telegraph
  • How migrants access benefits - Telegraph
  • European Commissoner Michael Barnier: "It is a myth that EU rules require the UK to employ European doctors and nurses without proof that their medical skills and English are up to scratch. This is not the case and never has been" - Telegraph
  • James Delingpole:  "Since Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech, the liberal-left has successfully created a climate in which any criticism of immigration is considered tantamount to racism" - Telegraph
  • Ed West: 'Migrants who claim welfare are just embracing British culture' - Telegraph


  • Boris_v_ken_front_coverToryDiary: Today's Boris interview in the Sun is a reminder of how effective his campaigning is
  • Boris and Ken in angry clash over 'workshy' jobless - Evening Standard
  • A Guardian poll currently gives Ken Livingstone the lead with 65% - Guardian
  • Sonia Purnell: 'Boris's buffoonery may cheer us up, but that alone won't win the mayoral race when families are feeling the pinch' - Daily Mail
  • Dave Hill: "Ken Livingstone has pledged to "make the case for London government to run London rail services" and, if successful, provide the capital's commuters with "a more frequent and reliable service," and "safer, cleaner, more accessible stations" at no extra cost to the fare-paying passenger" - Guardian
  • Rival to both men, Independent candidate Siobhan Benita says she's dealt with bigger beasts than Boris and Ken - Evening Standard


  • NadinedorriesDorries' bill proposing teenage girls be given lessons in sexual abstinence has been withdrawn - Guardian
  • Today Dorries returned to Twitter to respond to a tweet by John Prescott about her abstinence bill


  • James Chapman: 'Ed Miliband unplugged: Labour leader calls for honours reform but defends party's reliance on unions' - Daily Mail
  • Chris Moncrieff: 'Jack Dromey needs a severe dressing down over £60,000 'peccadillo', even if it does upset the unions' - Daily Mail
  • Rogue lobbyists could face jail under register plans - BBC
  • Trade unions and charities could be forced to sign lobbyist register - Guardian


  • GoldsmithQuentin Letts in praise of Zac Goldsmith: "Some people recoil from Mr Goldsmith because he is stonkingly rich. Actually, he is proving a better  tribune of the people than many  MPs who are supposedly closer to their voters" - Daily Mail
  • A call for the army to help out in the A&E of a hospital in Yorkshire is "deeply worrying" says Yvette Cooper - Guardian
  • The medical director of the NHS says that cosmetic surgery firms should be made to belong to a compulsory insurance scheme - Telegraph
  • Alex Salmond accused of hypocrisy over plans for single Scottish airbase months after he campaigned to keep three - Guardian
  • Martin Harper: 'From forest sell-off to Thames airport plans - this government has a seriously anti-environmental agenda' - Guardian
  • Ed West discusses Britain's ugliest city, after Tory MP Gary Streeter upset Labour MP Ian Austin for calling Dudley ugly - Telegraph
  • Cristina Odone: 'The three-parent family: this is another attempt to dehumanise disabled people' - Telegraph 
  • Three Muslim men found guilty for stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation. The men handed out leaflets called for the death penalty for gay people - Telegraph
  • Ofcom shuts down Iran's Press TV - Times (£) I Reuters