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All today's coverage and reaction to PMQs in this evening's teatime newslinks



  • Matthew d'Ancona: 'Has Ed Miliband anything to offer other than fratricide' - Evening Standard
  • ToryDiary: Cameron careful not to tear into the "steel and grit" of Ed Miliband. Solidarity over Scotland.
  • James Kirkup: "Ed Miliband has had a rough week or so, with so-called allies and some unfortunate events generating bad headlines. Certainly, David Cameron's prep team did not want for material to throw at the Labour leader today" - Telegraph
  • Lloyd Evans: Miliband "has so little ground from which to attack the government that he had to lead on a niche issue. Rail fares." - Spectator
  • Dan Hodges: 'Ed Miliband goes to the gallows for David Cameron's crime' - Telegraph
  • Daniel Knowles: "So who won? Well, nobody really, but a draw is a win for Ed Miliband ... PMQs could easily have been a humilation for the Labour leader, pushing him further down the corridor to the guillotine. Instead, he held his ground" - Telegraph


  • SalmondToday's Scotland Question in the House of Commons - BBC
  • Scotland warned that it nay have to join the €uro as a price of independence - Times (£)
  • Scottish Secretary Michael Moore says he is "happy to sort out" legal referendum - BBC
  • Brian Taylor: 'Resolving the independence issue' - BBC
  • Why Autumn 2014? - Guardian
  • A history of Anglo-Scottish rivalry - Telegraph
  • James Forsyth: "The reason Salmond wants ‘devo-max’ to be there is that he’s not confident he can get independence through this time round" - Spectator
  • Nick Wood: "John Major was right about one thing in the 1997 election campaign when he denounced Tony Blair's plans for Scottish devolution as a first step on the road to the break-up of the UK" - Daily Mail
  • Ed West: "Devolution could introduce diversity (in the true, pre-PC sense) into our political system and take us away from the clunky statism that is currently such a failure. It could be the spur to drastically reducing the size of Commons, combating the mania for unnecessary laws" - Telegraph


  • GoveGove's speech in full - Guardian
  • Coverage and reaction to Gove's speech - Guardian
  • ICT curriculum is a 'mess' - Independent
  • School ICT to be replaced by computer science programme - BBC
  • Gove: 'IT lessons are boring' - Telegraph
  • Computing experts welcome ICT shake-up - Independent
  • Adrian Hon: 'How the battle for Britain's technological future can be won on the playing fields of Eton (and every other school)' - Telegraph


  • Reuters poll of economist says the currency union will remain intact, but France will lose its AAA rating - Reuters
  • 'Ireland braces itself for another year of fiscal pain and sacrifice' - Guardian
  • Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti fights back against €urozone austerity club - Guardian


  • Andrew Lansley: 'NHS should not pay for PIP breast implant removals' - Telegraph
  • Anti-jabs face tighter regulation after PIP scandal - Times (£)
  • Doctor warns that the NHS "will be destroyed" by private health companies - Telegraph
  • Ken Livingstone's loses his temper on the BBC's Vanessa Feltz show after being challenged about calling Boris a "pickpocket" on fares - Telegraph 
  • Director Ken Loach criticises Cameron over plans to pour money into blockbusters - Telegraph
  • Saeed Kamali Dehgan: 'This covert war on Iran is illegal and dangerous' - Guardian
  • Blair was the Great Gatsby of our time - Telegraph
  • Graduate sues ministers for being "forced" or stack shelves in Poundland, or lose her benefits - Daily Mail
  • 3 Conservative seats abolished, 1 lost, and 2 gained in Wales Boundary Commission proposals - MPsETC