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A referendum on Scottish independence tops this evening's teatime newslinks


  • Scottish_tory_logoOsborne presses for a quick referendum over Scottish independence - Guardian
  • James Forsyth: 'Osborne the unionist' - Spectator
  • Cameron: 'Scotland must decide its own future' - Telegraph
  • Cameron denies "dictating" the terms of a Scottish referendum - BBC
  • James Kirkup: "People in London should be very wary of drawing conclusions about or making plans for Scotland. Devolution is only party about institutions; its real effects have been cultural and intellectual. In essence, Scotland and England think and feel more differently now than they used to" - Telegraph


  • Cameron_merkel_2_2 (2)Europe should address ''fundamental competitiveness divide'' between a powerful German economy and weaker southern states, says Cameron - Telegraph
  • Clegg: Britain should sign the European treaty vetoed by Cameron - Telegraph
  • A second bailout as part of a Greek aid package must come soon, says Merkel - BBC
  • The 50p top rate of tax is only temporary, promises Cameron - Times (£)
  • Daniel Knowles: Cameron is right to keep the 50p rate and also right to maintain that it is temporary - Telegraph
  • Should the 50p tax rate be abolished? - Guardian
  • Rob Taylor: 'Why aren't shareholders revolting over excessive boardroom pay?' - Guardian


  • OlympicsAs the Cabinet hold their meeting at the Olympic site's handball arena, Cameron says the 2012 London Olympics will bring "a massive legacy" to Britain - BBC
  • Jeremy Hunt: Everyone in the UK should "grasp the opportunity" offered by the Olympic Games - PlayPolitical
  • 200 days before London 2012, Cameron and the Cabinet meet at the Olympic site in Stratford - PlayPolitical


  • MilibandDavid Miliband urges his brother and the Labour party to challenge "hard right" Tories - Guardian
  • Pete Hoskin: "Miliband should certainly ponder his brother's ambiguity as he prepares his own speech for tomorrow ...  MiliE could benefit greatly from the active support of David Miliband" - Spectator
  • Dan Hodges: Over executive pay, "Cameron and the Conservatives are on course for victory at the next election and Labour and Ed Miliband are on course for a resounding defeat. David Cameron and the Conservatives, for their many faults, understand how politics works. And Labour doesn’t" - Telegraph


  • Warsi'Baroness Warsi is the most powerful example of Tory feminism' - ToryDiary
  • 'Louise Mensch on phone hacking, female MPs and the Tories' future' - Guardian
  • Peter Mullen: 'We have free speech in Britain, but just be very careful what you choose to say' - Telegraph
  • Andrew Gilligan lists examples of Ken Livingstone's "shallow populism" - Telegraph
  • Kathy Gyngell: 'When will the Government commit to a proper drugs prevention policy?' - Daily Mail 
  • Jess Thom: 'Cameron's Tourette's 'joke' sums up his party's attitude to disabled people' - Guardian
  • Norman Tebbit: "Another social change which has worsened the problem of providing care is the increase in family breakdown and the decline in marriage. Partnerships, whether informal or formally entered into, tend to be less long-lasting than marriages have been. Many people enter a number of partnerships, whilst not many of us are serial marryers" - Telegraph
  • Daniel Korski: Burma is an example that "the government wants its promotion of democracy to be like — often behind-the-scenes, careful not to appear imperial, but potentially more effective than the Blairite version" - Spectator