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Teatime newslinks for Wednesday 14th December


  • 'Cameron gets the upper hand over Miliband, as the Labour party leader fails to reap the rewards of Coalition division' - ToryDiary
  • Cameron: 'no apology' for EU treaty veto - Telegraph
  • Miliband attacks Cameron over Europe and unemployment at PMQs - Guardian
  • Clegg attends PMQs as Cameron plays down €uro row - Independent
  • Cameron acknowledged that “any increase in unemployment is bad news”, but insisted that the figures would have been worse under a Labour government as unemployment reaches a 17yr high - Times (£)
  • "We need private sector employment to grow even faster" to help unemployment, says Cameron' - PlayPolitical
  • 'The sulk's back! Clegg joins Cameron for final and boisterous session of PMQs in Commons (and it looks like he'd rather be elsewhere)' - Daily Mail
  • 'Cameron on his relationship with Clegg: "It's not like we're brothers or anything" - PlayPolitical
  • Cameron must get a better deal for the UK in Europe, says Miliband - BBC
  • James Forsyth: 'Cameron pummels Miliband in PMQs' - "The Labour leader and his team urgently need to find an answer to Cameron’s favourite punch. Until they do, Cameron is going to have a way out of nearly every PMQs jam he gets himself into." - Spectator
  • Benedict Brogan: 'PMQs disaster leaves Labour wondering about Ed Miliband's future' - Telegraph
  • Nicholas Watt: 'Has Ed Miliband suffered his Westland moment as David Cameron wins?' - Guardian
  • James Kirkup: 'Miliband gets his MPs laughing. In a bad way' - Telegraph
  • Dan Hodges: 'Ed Miliband is in a death spiral – can David Miliband or Yvette Cooper wrestle the controls from him?' - Telegraph
  • Tory MP Keith Simpson lashes out at the Speaker - Guido Fawkes


  • 'First they were whipped to back Cameron's veto. Then they were whipped not to. More dither and muddle from the Liberal Democrats' - MPsETC
  • James Forsyth: "The worry for the coalition is that this split over Europe is just going to keep repeating. There are going to be many more European summits where Britain will be in the minority between now and 2015" - Spectator
  • James Kirkup: 'Could David Cameron ditch Nick Clegg for the Democratic Unionists? Some Conservatives think so' - Telegraph


  • '€uro plummets below $1.30 as summit deal starts to unravel' - Times (£)
  • Nick Wood: 'Euro losers? It's a close run thing between Clegg's calamitous Lib Dems and the Continent's headless chickens' - Daily Mail
  • Andrew Lilico: 'Should Britain offer Ireland a currency union?' - Columnists' page
  • Angela Merkel says that Britian is still an important member of the EU - Guardian I Daily Mail
  • How isolationist is British pop music? - Guardian


  • Theresa May announces a review of the police's stop and search powers - Guardian
  • Cameron pledges to "look carefull" at cheap alcohol after warning from doctors - Telegraph
  • NHS figures show that 1 in 5 children are obese by the end of primary school - Guardian
  • 'Pensions strikers 'pointing a gun at taxpayers' heads' says Lord Hutton' - Daily Mail
  • Peers who cheated on their expenses will be barred from the House of Lords until the money is repaid - Telegraph
  • Michael Gove on conservatism and education - Platform 10
  • 'Religious hatred at Scottish football matches targeted by new laws' - Guardian
  • Animal campaigners criticise badger cull - Independent