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Teatime newslinks for Tuesday 6th December 2011


  • Bell Pottinger boss, Lord Bell, defends Cameron in lobbying row - Guardian
  • Cameron forced to deny lobbying firm has influence on Government policy after executives are filmed boasting of access to PM - Daily Mail
  • David Blackburn: "The spate of recent scandals affecting all parties confirms that lobbying, and the money that funds it, is dominant in day-to-day politics ... the monied lobbyists’ ascent has come at the expense of skint activists — that speaks of a dysfunctional system" - Spectator
  • Kiran Stacey: 'Tim Collins lands another Tory government in it' - FT
  • Caroline Crampton: New revelations have reignited the debate about the need for a statutory register of lobbyists - Total Politics
  • Labour MP Jon Cryer will call for a lobbyist register - BBC


  • Radical €urozone shakeup could see countries stripped of voting rights - Guardian
  • Franco-German fury over ratings downgrade threat - Times (£) I Daily Mail
  • Standard & Poor's €urozone warning hobbles risk rally - FT
  • S & P warns on 15 €urozone nations - Wall Street Journal
  • Ambrose Evans Pritchard: 'S&P has no choice: Euroland risks bankruptcy on current policies' - Telegraph
  • German finance minister welcomes S & P's downgrade threat - BBC
  • Vince Cable is optimistic that the €urozone can sort out its problems - BBC
  • The Business Secretary also says that Britain's interests would be harmed if we were marginalised from European decision making - PlayPolitical
  • James Forsyth: No 'good solutions' to the eurozone crisis exist. We are in the land of least worst options - Spectator
  • Daniel Hannan MEP: 'Never mind being left out – this is our one opportunity to settle the European question' - Telegraph
  • The €uro liars must stop deceiving us, and themselves, says Max Hastings - Daily Mail
  • Douglas Carswell turns up the heat on Cameron over an EU referendum - Telegraph
  • David Blackburn: The mounting disquiet appears to have been created by the PM hedging his bets on Europe - Spectator
  • Nick Wood: 'The numbers game suggests Cameron will have to back down over a EU referendum' - Daily Mail
  • "Iain Duncan Smith has emerged as the effective leader of the Tory revolt against David Cameron’s ill-considered refusal to allow the British people a referendum over the proposed EU treaty change" says Melanie Phillips on her blog.
  • ConHome's rolling record of Tory MPs' comments on the new EU treaty - MPsETC


  • At the launch of an independent commission on the future of policing, Lord Stevens warns of years of public disorder - Guardian
  • Rev. Peter Mullen: 'The Archbishop of Canterbury makes excuses for a criminal mob while turning his disapproval on the forces of law and order' - Telegraph
  • Rowan Williams' comments indulge a hopeless status quo, says Michael Burleigh - Daily Mail
  • But is right to ask why we face riots in our streets and protests at St. Pauls (Rev. George Pitcher) - Daily Mail


  • Justine Greening confirms that a decision over high speed rail will not be made until early 2012 - Guardian
  • Chris Skidmore MP: If used effectively, data collected by the NHS could drive forward medical research and innovation - Telegraph
  • Top judge warns fellow judges about straying into politics - Telegraph
  • Samantha Callan on the Centre for Social Justice: Money alone will not end poverty; Today's most pressing issue is family breakdown - Guardian
  • Housing benefit cap forces families out of town - Guardian
  • The Mail reveals the UK's borough's which claim the most and least in benefits - Daily Mail
  • Egg farmers 'failed by ministers' over illegal EU eggs - BBC
  • Bill Cash MP warns that many ancient building are facing the threat of wind farms, including his own home - Daily Mail