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Teatime newslinks for Tuesday 13th December 2011


  • Clegg launched a fightback in Cabinet today - Evening Standard
  • 'Clearly there are differences ...': Coalition discusses EU veto for an hour after Clegg snubbed PM's appearance in Commons' - Daily Mail
  • Chris Huhne reportedly complains about the lack of consultation at today's Cabinet Meeting - Telegraph
  • Huhne "frustrated" - Huffington Post
  • Business as usual at this morning's Cabinet meeting after yesterday's EU debate - BBC
  • Vince Cable describes today's meeting as a "good business like discussion" between coalition partners - PlayPolitical
  • Nick Wood: 'After tuition fees, the AV fiasco and now the euro sulk, can anyone take Clegg seriously any more?' - Daily Mail


  • President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso accuses the UK of putting the EU internal market at risk - BBC I Telegraph I Guardian
  • Stephen Evans: 'Germany' sorrow at Britain's 'isolation' in Europe - BBC
  • What next for Britain in Europe? - Telegraph
  • Bankers back Cameron's EU veto for protecting the city - Evening Standard
  • Ed West: 'Eurosceptics are a 'bunch of insular snobs who seem to have a hard time restraining their inner-fascist', says the New York Times' - Telegraph
  • Dan Hodges: Ed Miliband needs to follow Cameron's lead and shift to the right - "Last week saw David Cameron forced to a place he didn’t want to be. He is no rabid Eurosceptic. Nor is he invigorated by the chill wind of isolation. But in order to keep his party united, he cast aside his consensual political instincts and sat alone at the negotiating table. It was the making of him" - Telegraph
  • Peter Hoskin: 'Inflation is down, but the squeeze goes on' - Spectator


  • Cameron welcomes Portas' high street review, saying the Government will consider her reccomendations - Number 10
  • It's too late to save every high street, says Portas - Independent
  • Portas: We need to create new magnets on our high street - Telegraph
  • Portas urges cap on high street bookies - Times (£)
  • What the experts says about Portas' review - Guardian
  • 'Less than 40% of spending will be done on High Street by 2014 as rampant internet shopping 'kills off a third of town centres' - Daily Mail
  • Cristina Odone: 'The High Street is doomed by surly shop assistants. At least you don't get backchat on Amazon' - Telegraph
  • Felicity Lawrence: 'Portas won't rescue our high streets with this shopping list' - Guardian


  • Under proposals today, "MPs guilty of serious wrong-doing could lose their seats if 10% of voters in their constituencies sign a petition to ''recall'' them" - Telegraph
  • MPs call for flat-rate travel and home allowances - BBC
  • The first 20 towns and cities earmarked for Local TV by Jeremy Hunt are announced - Guardian
  • Dominic Raab MP seeks gagging order - Guido Fawkes
  • Dave Hill: 'Is cycling really Boris Johnson's top priority?' - Guardian 
  • Livingstone pledges 'London Living Rent' system - BBC
  • 'Labour researcher who slammed Tory MP for attending Nazi-themed party is accused of hypocrisy after Hitler salute picture emerges' - Daily Mail