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Teatime newslinks for Thursday 8th December 2011


  • "David Cameron has said he would have "no hesitation" in vetoing a proposed new European Union treaty if it did not offer a "good deal" for the UK. Speaking before leaving for a crucial summit in Brussels, the prime minister said he would "stand up for the country" in talks on Europe's future." - BBC
  • "What he can and would do, we're told, is fight to stop the officials and the resources of the EU from being used to help this new club which might, incidentally, have more than 17 members if those countries hoping one day to join the euro sign up as well." - Nick Robinson's blog
  • "Despite the brickbats that have rained down on him since PMQs, Mr Cameron remains unmoved. He is going to Brussels to concentrate on two priorities: saving the euro from disaster, and protecting the City. To that end he is prepared to defer all other considerations, including satisfying his own side. Statesman or sell-out? We'll only know when we see the detail of the deal." - Benedict Brogan


  • Douglas Carswell MP: "Yesterday’s headlines about vetoing a treaty that wasn’t in the national interest were unspun before lunch time. Any concocted row to try to appear robust will today have the opposite effect. What we are seeing in Westminster this week is not a re-run of old Tory battles on Europe. It is as much a story about how the internet is starting to change our politics for the better."
  • John Redwood MP: "Mr Cameron needs to say the UK needs a new relationship based on trade and friendship, and refuse to sign anything without agreement to that. He can offer them the ultimate solution for the UK problem."
  • Check out the Rolling record of Tory MPs' comments on new EU Treaty
  • For his own sake, Nick Clegg must rule out becoming our next European Commissioner - Daniel Hannan


  • "European Central Bank President Mario Draghi cut interest rates and offered banks unlimited cash for three years while steering clear of any signal the ECB will buy more bonds to stem the region’s debt crisis." - Bloomberg
  • "The euro fell the most in three weeks against the yen and slumped versus the dollar after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said he didn’t signal the central bank would step up bond purchases to spur growth." - BusinessWeek
  • "French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned that "never has the risk of disintegration been greater" for Europe in a speech in Marseille." - BBC
  • "When turmoil enveloped the globe three years ago, Poland's zloty declined against currencies seen as safer, including the euro. ... Since then, Poland has been the sole member of the European Union to avoid a recession. ... it has changed minds about adopting the euro—long a stated goal and something the government had pledged to do by 2012." - WSJ Europe
  • Tesco makes plans for eurozone break-up - Daily Telegraph


  • "The UK Border Agency says "tighter controls" will be introduced to stop some Eurostar passengers being able to enter the UK without passport checks." - BBC
  • "Watchdog chief says boards could be shut down altogether if they are found to have cheated by giving secret advice to teachers on how to improve GCSE and A-level results." - Daily Telegraph