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Teatime newslinks for Monday 19th December 2011


  • German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, who met with William Hague today, tells the UK not to give up on Europe - Telegraph
  • "There is no hidden agenda against the City of London" - BBC
  • Glenn Oglaza: 'Do mention the war' - Sky News
  • Phillip Inman: 'Get ready for massive tax cuts for corporations across Europe' - Guardian
  • Mats Persson: 'Rudd's straw man argument about our EU membership' - Spectator
  • Daniel Knowles: "One unelected dictator may be dead, threatening us all with Armageddon, but another remains very much alive: this morning, the FT has an interview with Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank" - Telegraph


  • 'Breakthrough in public sector pension dispute' - Times (£)
  • Unison says it has come to an agreement with NHS employers and the Government over pension reforms - Guardian
  • 'Deal' on health scheme - BBC
  • Downing Street is confident of a public sector pensions deal being reached with the unions - ToryDiary


  • 'Clegg vows to target widening wealth inequality' - Guardian
  • 'The House of Lords is an affront to open society" says Clegg - Telegraph
  • Clegg: The state should not "encourage the tax system to favour a particular family form" - PlayPolitical
  • Norman Tebbit: 'Nick Clegg amuses his little cult by sneering at the 1950s. Are families really happier now?' - Telegraph
  • Kathy Gyngell on the Centre for Policy Studies: The decline of marriage: ­ the government has hardly been neutral in the matter Mr Clegg' - Daily Mail
  • 'David Cameron's Christianity' - ToryDiary
  • David Cowan: 'Cameron must continue his social mission' Huffington Post
  • Kyle Victor: 'Shame on Cameron: His 'Christian nation' comments evoke parallels to American religious demagogues like Rick Perry' - Huffington Post


  • Dan Hodges: "Ed Miliband wants to be the next Prime Minister of this country. He’s not on a charity run. What’s required isn’t a pat on the back and warm words of encouragement. It’s a rocket up his arse and an understanding that he needs to pull his finger out or move over for someone who can start hitting the Coalition where it hurts" - Telegraph
  • James Chapman: "Worst of all, there are growing signs that Mr Miliband's vanquished brother David is once again on manoeuvres. Lord Mandelson, for his part, issued a silky warning that there were ‘dangers’ in Mr Miliband’s readiness to abandon the centre ground of politics from which Tony Blair won three election victories" - Daily Mail
  • 'What are commentators from all sides saying about Ed Miliband's leadership?' - LeftWatch


  • MEPs look likely to vote through an amendment which would allow direct intervention in the EU carbon market - Guardian
  • Boris Johnson takes the union Aslef to court over Boxig Day tube strikes - Guardian
  • Norfolk Council's Green Party leader joins the Tories - Local Government I BBC
  • Former members of the Ulster Unionist Party calls for the party to disband and reform within the Conservatives - BBC