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Teatime newslinks for Wednesday 9th November 2011

  • WATCH: David Cameron: Border Agency pilot "was an operational decision, but one I fully back and think that [Theresa May] was right to take"
  • ToryDiary: PMQs - weak Miliband fails to score points on Border Agency scandal
  • "After a third morning of nasty front pages, Theresa May would have been less than human if she wasn’t a tad anxious about PMQs today. Fortunately for the Home Secretary, she had lots of allies in the Commons, none of them more helpful than Ed Miliband." - James Kirkup
  • "PMQs was a disappointment. Few jokes, even fewer good lines - and no "gotcha" questions from Ed Miliband. Bizarrely, the Labour leader decided to devote all his six bites of the cherry to the ongoing border control row" - Mehdi Hasan
  • "Crumpled, poor Mr Miliband burbled through a rice-paper list of generic insults. ‘Broken promises, blame everyone else, shambolic government, out of touch prime minister.’ He was back to Ed Nauseam again. He sounded like Action Man when you pull the string out of his back." - Lloyd Evans
  • "We’ve previously seen David Cameron transmogrify into Gordon Brown to berate Labour for ‘talking down the economy’. Today he again took on a Brownite tactic and chanted facts and attack points. Lots of them." - Ben Duckworth


  • "HSBC gave its starkest warning to date that new regulations might force it to leave Britain and warned that problems in Europe had hurt growth elsewhere and created a "very challenging" global economy." - Reuters
  • "Greece's outgoing Prime Minister George Papandreou said Wednesday that an agreement had been reached with the opposition on the creation of an interim government that will secure the country's new debt deal. Speaking in a live televised evening address before a meeting with Greece's president, where he was expected to formally resign, Papandreou wished the next prime minister well -- but gave no indication of who it would be." - Fox News
  • "Yields on 10-year Italian bonds rose to 7.4% Wednesday, a high for the euro era, in the latest sign that investors are fast losing faith in the world's third-biggest sovereign-bond market. Yields might have risen far higher in the past week but for heavy bond-buying by the European Central Bank, economists say." - WSJ Europe
  • "European stocks dropped for the third day in four after the spread between Italian and German bond yields widened to the most since the introduction of the euro and Italy’s credit-default swaps jumped to a record." - Bloomberg


  • "More than 4,000 officers have been put on duty around Wednesday's demonstration - the largest number of police to hit the streets since August's riots. Scotland Yard has estimated that 2,000 protesters are taking part in the march, while the organisers of the protest put the figure closer to 10,000." - Huffington Post
  • "Twenty people have been arrested. A few hundred are still protesting." - BBC
  • The Guardian are liveblogging the march, which, according to the last update, includes Billy Bragg and Tony Benn.
  • Alistair Thompson on Comment: Students should switch tactics - they would have far more power as consumers than protesters