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Teatime newslinks for Wednesday 23rd November 2011


  • Union donations silence Labour over pensions strike, claims Cameron - Times (£)
  • Milband accuses Cameron of creating a "lost generation" of young people - Telegraph
  • Cameron condemns public sector pension strike - Reuters
  • Cameron says parents should take children to work during strikes - Telegraph I Guardian I Daily Mail
  • 'After wobbling a few months ago Cameron is king of PMQs again' - ToryDiary
  • Benedict Brogan: "PMQs today crystallised a growing problem for Ed Miliband. His economic message is not being taken seriously" - Telegraph
  • Lloyd Evans: "If Roman Abramovich owned the Labour party, Ed Miliband would be toast by now. The floundering opposition leader gave the sort of inept, predictable and ill-organised performance at PMQs that would get a manager sacked in the Premiership" - Spectator
  • James Forsyth: "Today's PMQs was a preview of the debate we'll be having after next week's autumn statement" - Spectator
  • David Cameron at PMQs: "Youth unemployment in this country has been rising since 2004" - PlayPolitical
  • Jon Craig: Is Cameron guilty of stirring it, or sorting out the debate on strikes? - Sky News


  • Micro firms could sack workers without explanation, under new proposals - Telegraph
  • Vince Cable: we need to reform employment laws to help business - Telegraph
  • Cable ponders new hire and fire rules - BBC
  • Coalition split by hire and fire shakeup, says Joe Murphy - Evening Standard
  • Cable: "We want to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy" in employment law - PlayPolitical
  • Employment law reforms will not threaten job security, says Cable - Guardian
  • What could the changes mean in the workplace? - Guardian


  • Chris Skidmore MP calls for all MPs who defect to another party to quit - BBC
  • The report on elderly care contains a catalogue of neglect - Telegraph
  • Ed West: 'Vulnerable elderly abused: what they don't need are more 'human rights' - Telegraph
  • Nadine Dorries MP: 'The social responsibility of care for the elderly should be a priority for governments' - Platform
  • Neil O'Brien: 'If we want growth, we need to transform planning law' - Telegraph
  • Chris Huhne unveils 'green deal' to insulate homes - Guardian
  • Henry Deedes: 'It's right that Cameron still makes time for a pint' - Daily Mail
  • Cameron in £140,000 land deal with lobbying boss - Telegraph
  • Jon Craig:PM's Land Deal: 'Strimmer-Gate' - Sky News
  • Katherine Birbalsingh: The 'Tory activist' who called a woman a "Gaddafi whore" on Twitter, is bad PR for the Conservative party - Telegraph
  • Cheryl Gillan dismisses the rumours that she will be the next to leave the Cabinet, telling punters not to waste their money - BBC
  • Jeremy Browne promises Samantha Fox that he will raise the issue of the treatment of tigers with China - BBC
  • Labour set to name 15th December as the date for the Feltham and Heston byelection, after the death of Alan Keen - Guardian
  • Ken Livingstone steps up campaign to cut London transport fares - Guardian
  • Labour outstrip the Tories in raising party funds - Telegraph
  • James Murdoch quits as director of The Sun and The Times - Evening Standard I Daily Mail I Guardian
  • Jonathan Jones: "His next test will come on Tuesday, when shareholders will decide whether he remains non-executive chairman of BSkyB" - Spectator