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Teatime newslinks for Wednesday 16th November

  • Bank of England slashes UK economic growth forecast - Guardian
  • Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King, sees a "worsened" economic outlook, saying that the eurozone debt crisis was the "single biggest risk" to the UK - BBC
  • UK economy will flatline until 2013, warns King - Times (£)
  • New Italian PM Mario Monti unveils his Government, appointed himself as economy minister - Telegraph
  • Italy unveils a Government of technocrats - Guardian
  • Janet Daley on Italy: "When and how is democracy to be re-instated in the third largest economy of Europe? And if it is not re-instated in the near future, does that make a nonsense of the rule that a country must be a democracy to be eligible for membership of the EU?" - Telegraph
  • Daniel Korski on Lord Wolfon's £250,000 reward to the person who can work out how to leave the €uro - Spectator
  • Robert Colville: Will the Coalition crack under the strain, now that meeting the deficit target,  "the chief raison d'etre for the Coalition has disappeared" - Telegraph


  • Extra 150,000 foreign workers in Britain as unemployment rises - Telegraph
  • Youth unemployment hits 1 million - Guardian
  • James Forsyth: "We really should think about why non-UK nationals are proving so much more adept at finding work than their British counterparts" - Spectator
  • Guy Stagg: 'Youth unemployment proves that my generation can't grow up' - Telegraph
  • James Ashton: 'Once people get used to life on benefits it's harder to wean them off' - Evening Standard
  • Dominique Jackson: 'As unemployment hits 1m, It's time to ditch degrees in favour of apprenticeships... We're just too snobbish to admit it' - Daily Mail


  • Hague backs closed hearings for intelligence cases, and commits to "drawing a line" under the alleged involvement of UK agents in torture - BBC
  • Hague admits that British intelligence thwarted Colonel Gaddafi's plans to assassinate Western diplomats - Telegraph
  • Con Coughlin: 'William Hague's public tribute to the scores of MI6 agents who have lost their lives trying to save this country from harm is long overdue" - Telegraph


  • May in the clear over fingerprint checks - Times (£)
  • Clark 'surprised' that Theresa May was unaware of fingerprints check suspension - Guardian
  • 'I didn't tell ministers passport checks had been eased', says Clark - Evening Standard
  • Martin Pratt: 'Lessons and dangers from the Brodie Clark saga' - Public Service
  • Jack Doyle: 'Brodie Clark's confession puts May in the clear, but only just...' - Daily Mail
  • Half of the population could be barred from bringing in a foreign partner under family visa reform - Telegraph


  • Robin Harris: 'Mr Cameron is intelligent and polished - but he simply doesn't understand the Conservative party' - "He is much more at home among the metropolitan liberal elite, whose attitudes he shares and whose assumptions he articulates, than among those vilified by Tony Blair as ‘the forces of conservatism" - Daily Mail
  • Joe Murphy: 'How Maggie thought she might stay on as PM' - Evening Standard
  • 'Thatcher "briefly" considered staying on as Prime Minister after standing down as Tory leader' - ToryDiary
  • Norman Tebbit dismantles Mery Streep's 'Iron Lady' - Guardian
  • Boris Johnson hits out at UK Statistics Authority chair, Sir Michael Scholar, labelling him a "Labour stooge" - Guardian
  • Melanie McDonagh: 'A ban on smoking in cars should be unthinkable' - Spectator