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Teatime newslinks for Tuesday 1st November 2011



  • "Six leading members of Greece's governing Pasok party have called on Prime Minister George Papandreou to resign, the day after he called a referendum on the proposed EU bailout. One MP has defected from Pasok, cutting Mr Papandreou's parliamentary majority to two seats - 152 out of 300 - ahead of a confidence vote on Friday. The opposition has called for early elections, saying the referendum jeopardises Greece's EU membership." - BBC
  • Ed Balls thinks the Greeks should vote against the European bailout: "I have to say I think the Greek PM is fully within his rights to say 'I want public support for carrying on with this path'. Because what's the truth about Greece? Unemployment is up, the economy's flatlined there too, they're not getting their deficits down either."
  • George Osborne is against the referendum: "The decision of the Greek prime minister has added to the instability and uncertainty in the euro zone. What we’re trying to do is introduce stability and certainty in the euro zone." - Bloomberg
  • Douglas Carswell blogs: "Greece heading for political and economic meltdown. Italy bond yields shooting upward. Good credit ratings dragged down by the bad. Debt piling ever faster upon debt. At every stage in this crisis, official Treasury thinking has been behind events. ... Calling for fiscal fusion of the Eurozone 17 is about to look quaint, if not kooky. We should be pressing for orderly default and decouple. Ministers need clarity of thought. Not merely to recycle the Treasury's failed thinking."


  • "Only £1.2m of new money is to be made available over the next three years to fund the government's refreshed anti-gang strategy to be detailed on Tuesday by the home secretary, Theresa May ...A further £10m is to be "redirected" from other as-yet unspecified areas of Home Office work into a cross-government package" - Guardian


  • "St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London Corporation have agreed to suspend their current legal action against the anti-capitalist protest camp outside the church. Earlier today, the Corporation announced plans to issue eviction letters to demonstrators, threatening them with High Court action if the site was not cleared in 48 hours. However, after meetings with the Bishop of London, Dr Richard Chartres, the cathedral’s authorities have said they will suspend legal action against Occupy London Stock Exchange." - Daily Mirror