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Teatime newslinks for Tuesday 15th November 2011


  • Brodie Clark tells MPs that he is no "rogue officer", he also says that he "introduced no additions to the home secretary's trial, neither did I extend it or alter it in any way whatsoever. I was meticulous in ensuring that my top operational team and my senior port managers had complete clarity on the home secretary's requirements" - BBC
  • Brodie Clark and Rob Whiteman at the Home Affairs Select Committee - PoliticsHome
  • Clark tells Committee that the pilot scheme was operated to his instructions, personally briefing staff on how far they could go - Times (£)
  • Clark: 'My reputation has been destroyed' - Guardian
  • UK Border Force chief Brodie Clark says he was "meticulous" in meeting Theresa May's requirements - PlayPolitical
  • Peter Hoskin: May's "reputation in government has been built on the idea that she's a ‘safe pair of hands’ at the Home Office; but, until we reach some sort of catharsis, these attacks from Clark will cast that into doubt" - Spectator
  • Nick Robinson: 'Beware an official scorned' - BBC
  • James Kirkup: 'Did the Home Secretary know that border checks could be relaxed?' - Telegraph
  • Brodie Clark breaks silence on Border Agency scandal - Telegraph
  • Damian Green responds to leaked emails revealing concerns over checks of private jet passengers, saying the strategy was "entirely consistent with our overall approach to border security of using more intelligence-led checks against high-risk passengers and journeys" - Telegraph


  • MPs debating motion urging halt in petrol prices - BBC
  • Cameron avoids possible backbench rebellion in allowing MPs to vote in favour of Robert Halfon's motion to keep down fuel prices - Guardian 
  • Tories give free vote - Scotsman
  • The Government needs to ensure that fuel duties will not rise next year, says Robert Halfom MP, as well as "put pressure on oil companies to reduce prices at the pump. We are crucifying hard-working families in this country with the high cost of petrol" - Telegraph
  • Tories claim motorists will save £274 on fuel duty compared to Labour's plans - ToryDiary
  • Janet Daley: "The Government is obviously of a mind to cancel the duty increase planned for January. What it should seriously consider is an actual reduction in the duty – not only for fuel but for household energy as well" - Telegraph
  • James Slack: '110,000 motorists can see what Osborne can't: That fuel tax is crippling our economy' - Daily Mail


  • Clegg warns that "the only people who will benefit" from European in-fighting "are populists, chauvinists and demagogues who will exploit that lack of political leadership… At the moment, our priority is the economy, the economy, the economy” - Telegraph I Guardian
  • Cameron and I think very differently on EU, says Clegg - Evening Standard
  • David Davis: With every passing day splitting the Eurozone looks more and more like the only viable option to prevent economic Armageddon, but if we let France and Germany set the terms we risk getting a solution which serves the interests of the Franco-German core and leaves Britain without influence in the continental decision making and without control of our own destiny" - Daily Mail
  • James Forsyth: "Cameron's decision to remind everyone that he is a Eurosceptic is an attempt to reassure his party that he shares its instincts on the European question, that he hasn't gone wobbly in office" - Spectator
  • Dan Hodges: 'Labour's new stance on Europe is cynical and opportunistic. Good' - Telegraph
  • Norman Tebbit: 'The state is failing its duties. The British people will soon run out of patience' - Telegraph


  • Cameron is to appoint a female special adviser to vet every government policy "through women's eyes" - Telegraph
  • Daniel Knowles: "If Dave thinks that surrounding himself with more token "Tory Totty" can make up for those issues, then perhaps he does need some new advice after all" - Telegraph
  • Nick Clegg rules out any extra funding for political parties this parliament at a time of austerity - Guardian
  • Northern Ireland's First Minister, Peter Robinson threatens to resign if prison reforms include removal of royal emblems and titles from region's jails - Guardian
  • Kirsty Walker:' 'Our modern politicians could learn a thing or two from Lady ‘Trumpers’ - Daily Mail
  • The Telegraph has a photo gallery of people who have played Margaret Thatcher as the trailer for 'The Iron Lady' is released - Telegraph
  • Meryl Streep as 'The Iron Lady' wows British critics - BBC
  • Benedict Brogan: 'The Iron Lady's success will be difficult for David Cameron to bear' - Telegraph