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Teatime newslinks for Thursday 24th November 2011




  • Columnist Andrew Lilico: The €uro: A remarkably sustained exercise in Really Not Getting It
  • "The leaders of Germany and France on Thursday pledged to press ahead with greater fiscal union among the members of the eurozone as they seek to stem the sovereign debt crisis engulfing the single currency. Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy said they would propose over the next few days modifications to the treaties to improve eurozone governance and ensure greater integration and convergence among the 17 countries of the currency bloc." - FT (registration may be required)
  • "Euro bonds are “not needed and not appropriate,” Merkel said today at a press conference with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Strasbourg, France." - Bloomberg
  • "The European Central Bank is considering offering longer-term loans to commercial banks that are having trouble securing funding in private markets, as officials scramble to keep the debt crisis from freezing new lending." - WSJ Europe
  • "If you want proof that the Eurozone's sovereign debt woes are fundamentally about the governance of the single currency ... financial markets would rather lend to the UK. Because the UK's not in the Eurozone, and because everyone knows the UK's central bank isn't going to let anything crazy happen or get into any wild games of chicken. " - Matt Yglesias
  • "concern about Europe/EU is now highest in over six years (though mentioned by fewer than one in ten)" - Ipsos Mori


  • "Labour leader Ed Miliband has said that the government's economic strategy is locking Britain into a "vicious cycle on the deficit". In a speech in London, he said next week's autumn statement will show their plan "has failed" and confirm a further rise in borrowing" - BBC
  • "...the Labour leader described Tuesday’s statement as marking “a crucial moment in the economic course of our country”, one in which the public learn “the biggest economic gamble in a generation has failed”." - LeftFootForward
  • "...the risk for the Tories is that Ed Miliband successfully turns himself into the tribune of the squeezed middle" - The Spectator's James Forsyth