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Teatime newslinks for Thursday 10th November 2011


  • Cameron: "€urozone moment of truth is fast approaching" - Telegraph
  • ECB must act now, says Cameron, or the €uro will fail - Guardian I Evening Standard
  • "If the leaders of the eurozone want to save their currency then they – together with the institutions of the eurozone - must act now. The longer the delay, the greater the danger," Cameron said - Huffington Post
  • Live blogs on the €urozone crisis - Guardian I Telegraph
  • Lucas Papademos is named as the new interim Prime Minister of Greece, whilst Mario Monti,  former EU Competition Commissioner, looks "anointed" to take the place of Silvio Berlusconi  - Times (£)
  • Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: 'Sorry, there is no €uro break-up plan yet' - Telegraph
  • Alex Brummer: 'Loss of faith in Rome brings the €urozone crisis a step closer to France' - Daily Mail
  • Ed West: 'Yet another Catholic country needs a bailout from the Protestan north' - "This is not to argue that northern Europe is better than southern ... but it goes to illustrate how difficult it is to fix different national cultures into one political and economic structure" - Telegraph
  • "As Italy follows Greece into bankruptcy, and the risible Silvio Berlusconi departs the stage, the day we dreaded is now upon us" - 'Not a penny more to feed EU profilgacy' - Daily Mail


  • PM sets out plans for RBS, Natwest and HSBC to help distribute money from Regional Growth Fund - Guardian
  • Tim Bradshaw: 'David Cameron returns to Silicon Roundabout, touting growth, electric cars and augmented reality' - FT
  • Cameron hails the success of London's tech city - Business Zone I Telegraph


  • Live blogs from the Hacking Inquiry - Telegraph
  • Tom Watson: "Mr Murdoch, you must be the first mafia boss in history who didn't realise he was running a criminal enterprise" - PlayPolitical
  • Watson scoffs at Murdoch over his claims he didn't know hacking was widespread - Mail
  • Murdoch says that News International cannot rule out closing the Sun - Guardian
  • James Murdoch claims he wasn't the one who misled MPs, it was Tom Crone and Colin Myler - Telegraph
  • Ian Burrell: 'James Murdoch emerges with reputation scarred' - Independent
  • John Kampfner: 'James Murdoch: Dead man walking?' - Guardian
  • Brendan O'Neill: 'News International has only done to Tom Watson what Watson's political party already did to the rest of us' - Telegraph


  • Theresa May announces the ban of Muslims Against Crusades, who were responsible for buring poppies on last year's Armistice Day - Guardian I BBC
  • Chris Skidmore MP: 'Britain needs its own green card' - "Green cards provide a recognition that citizenship is not an automatic right that can simply be applied for, but rather a journey, during along which applicants must prove their contribution to civic society, both in terms of employment but also towards their neighbourhood and local community" - Telegraph
  • Dan Hodges: 'Play the politics of immigration, and you'll only get your fingers burnt' - Telegraph
  • How do we tackle the prejudice of the far right? - Guardian
  • Katherine Birbalsingh: "It is not our young people who are a grave disappointment. It is all the adults who refuse to see what is perfectly clear. We used to raise and educate our children very well. People still do it in other countries. Why is that so hard to see?" - Telegraph
  • David Skelton: The Conservatives have a lot to learn from former Australian PM, John Howard's appeal to blue collar voters - Platform 10
  • Ruth Davidson unveils front-bench team, including role for all her leadership rivals - STV
  • Conservatives want the Ulster Unionist Party to disband, and form new Tory-led party - BBC
  • Allan Mallinson: 'Iran: If it comes to an Israeli strike, what might we do?' - Daily Mail