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Teatime newslinks for Remembrance Day


  • Britain falls silent to remember war dead - Telegraph I Guardian
  • Armistice Day around the world in pictures - Guardian
  • Phillip Hammond attends a "poignant" ceremony in Afghanistan - BBC
  • Once fighting in Afghanistan ends, awareness of the armed forces "may diminish", says Nick Harvey - MPsETC
  • Ed West: 'There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets who lie side by side' - Telegraph
  • Poppies have become Britain's star-spangled banner, argues Yo Zushi - "The appropriate response to the attention-seeking idiocy of Muslims Against Crusades is, as Justice Brennan might have said, to counter that group's flames with a salute" - New Statesman
  • 'Macho' policing 'threat' to protesters on Armistice Day - Guardian
  • 170 EDL supporters have been arrested in Westminster. It was believed the far right group had plans to target Occupy London - Guardian I Times (£)


  • Cameron hints that the top rate of income tax will stay - Guardian
  • Crisis raises doubts about the future of the single currency, says Cameron - "It's a very difficult time for the eurozone ... There is real turbulence in the markets, real question marks over whether countries can deal with their debts and a big question mark over the future of the eurozone," he said in an interview on BBC Radio 2 - Telegraph
  • 'My priority is to keep the economy safe' says Cameron - PlayPolitical
  • Osborne says that the financial crisis gripping the €urozone is hitting British jobs and growth - BBC
  • Osborne's debt reduction strategy has saved £16.5 billion in interest payments - ToryDiary
  • Italy passes crucial austerity measures, clearing the way for Berlusconi to quit - Guardian
  • What are Italy's fresh austerity measures? - Telegraph
  • Simon Heffer: 'Will Italy rise up against rule from Berlin?' - Daily Mail
  • Merkel tells new Greek PM, Lucas Papademos that Germany will "stand by" Athens - Telegraph
  • Eamonn Butler: "Euroland politicians realising the game is over and deconstructing the Euro peacefully is unlikely" - ASI Blog
  • Daniel Korski: Britain is, once again, being marginalised in Europe - a European pariah? - Spectator
  • Charles Crawford: 'When to demand far-reaching EU treaty changes – and when not to' - Telegraph


  • John Major has called on Britain to stop using the term "special relationship" with regards to the US. Major described it as "patronising", "sentimental" and that it should be "consigned to history" - BBC
  • Louise Mensch MP: 'Why is the BBC using licence fee money to pay a man who wishes Margaret Thatcher dead?' - Telegraph
  • John Bercow describes Westminster security as "messy, complex and amateurish" - Times (£)
  • Dan Hodges: Yvette Cooper: the next leader of the Labour party - "Yvette Cooper is preparing to step out of her husband’s shadow. Neither David Cameron nor Ed Miliband will welcome the sight of her standing in the sun" - Telegraph
  • Jailed Lord Hanningfield tells the BBC he has been through "hell" over the past years because of his expenses - BBC