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Teatime newslinks for Monday 7th November 2011


  • In a statement to the Commons, May says "there are three separate reviews into different aspects of the affair. One, by John Vine, the independent chief inspector of the UKBA, will consider the actions taken by ministers". The Guardian's live blog reports that May "wants to ensure that those responsible are "punished" and that border staff can never again take such risks with border security" - Guardian
  • Theresa May admits looser border checks - "May admitted today that she had personally authorised a “pilot” project under which some travellers arriving from the European Union were allowed through UK airports without the normal checks.But Ms May told MPs that the suspended head of the UK border force had acted on his own and “authorised the wider relaxation of border controls without ministerial sanction” - Times (£) I Guardian
  • "Cameron has full confidence in Home Secretary Theresa May, who has not offered to resign as a result of the controversy over border checks, the Prime Minister's official spokesman said today" - Telegraph
  • Cameron's spokesman revealed that PM "was not informed of the decision to relax the checks over the summer, saying it was an operational decision to be taken within the department" - "The Prime Minister was informed when it was apparent there was a problem" - Independent 
  • Workers claim passport checks were "suspended daily" for "at least half of each shift - Telegraph
  • 10 questions May must answer, including "How many foreign nationals were able to enter the UK without full checks on their travel documents?" - Telegraph
  • Michael White: 'Stop the blame game' - "I have no idea how Theresa May plans to talk her way out of trouble over the latest UK Border Agency shambles when she faces MPs this afternoon. But we can't afford to lose another home secretary or immigration minister (Damian Green has enemies too) over our collective failure to get a proper grip on the unusually well-defined frontiers of this sceptred isle and its more porous outlying territories" - Guardian
  • James Forsyth: "May’s reputation for keeping her ministerial team on the tightest of leashes, has created a problem" - Spectator
  • Government in full retreat on forced marriages - "Foreign spouses will be allowed to come to the UK from the age of 18 as the Government today bowed to a Supreme Court ruling on the marriage age for non-EU migrants" - Times (£)


  • Cameron addresses Parliament over €uro crisis talks at the G20 summit, he says: "It's for the eurozone to support the euro - the G20 withheld specific IMF commitments because we wanted to see more action from the eurozone... The message was clear - sort yourselves out and then we will help, not the other way around"
  • Europe confused on financial transaction tax, says Cameron - Reuters
  • Follow the various live blogs about the €uro and happenings in the €urozone - Guardian Telegraph
  • Cameron faces questions about G20 and German gold - Guardian
  • Daniel Korski: "If the EU comes crashing down as a result of the Euro crisis, one thing is certain: the UK will be at the forefront of re-creating the bloc" - Spectator
  • Nick Wood: 'IDS must tell Cameron some home truths. Britain's European destiny needs to be addressed now' - Daily Mail
  • James Chapman: 'Keeping the €uro alive means death to democracy' - Daily Mail
  • Rumours were spreading early today about Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi's resignation - 'Berlusconi plays last cards, denies will resign' - Reuters
  • Italy's stock and bond markets endure a volatile Monday due to resignation speculation - FT
  • Berlusconi say the rumours were "unfounded", taking to Facebook to update his status - Facebook
  • Nils Pratley: 'Italy: the eurozone's moment to choose' - "The Italian political drama will run for several instalments before hard choices are made. But the logic, as ever, leads back to the ECB" - Guardian
  • Alex Brummer: 'Why Italy is the new Greece' - Daily Mail
  • Greek leaders meet to choose George Papandreou's replacement - Telegraph
  • Norman Tebbit: "There is now hope for the liberation of Greece. Hope that it may again become responsible for its own future" - Telegraph
  • A report from Open Europe suggests that Britain could create 140,000 jobs if powers were taken back from Europe -Telegraph


  • 57% of church-going Christians would reject the Tory party over the issue of gay marriage - Pink News I Archbishop Cranmer
  • Jim Paice MP challenges Government over sale of barracks to developers - Telegraph
  • Cristina Odone: 'Louise Mensch is right to make herself beautiful for her husband: only in Britain would anyone make a fuss' - Telegraph
  • The Government has warned Conservative Westminster City Council not to treat Londoners like "cash cows" by bringing in night-time parking charges in the West End- Evening Standard
  • Ed Miliband describes Lord Gould, who died today, as "warm, funny and principled" - Telegraph
  • Lord Gould's obituary - Guardian
  • Tom Chivers: 'Why is Ed Miliband so forgettable?' - "Where this theory all falls down, of course, is that it slightly implies that David Miliband is a chest-thumping alpha male. So maybe it's just that the Indy should get some better subeditors" - Telegraph
  • Jonathan Jones: "One thing's for sure: if David had been elected leader, nobody would accidentally be calling him Ed" - Spectator
  • Lebanese PM, Najib Mikati, who held talks with Lord Howell in London today, said said "the situation in Lebanon was stable compared to what was occurring in the rest of the region", and that the Special Tribunal was crucial for stability in Lebanon - Daily Star Lebanon
  • Mikati will meet David Cameron later today to discuss the situation in the country, and bi-lateral ties between the UK and Lebanon - Ya Libnan