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Teatime newslinks for Friday 4th November 2011


  • Cameron warns that doubts about the €uro are dragging Britain towards recession - 'World fails to ride to €uro's rescue' - Times (£)
  • Cameron: "It is in Britain's interest that the eurozone crisis is sorted out as rapidly as possible. It is having a chilling effect on our economy and for every day it goes on not resolved, it is a day that is not good for our economy. That is fact" - Guardian
  • IMF funding boost will not risk UK money - BBC
  • PM also insists however, that "progress has been made" at the G20 summit - Telegraph and is ready to boost IMF funds - ITN
  • Osborne: ""We are dealing with our debts, dealing with our situation, but we are also planning and prepared for whatever the world and whatever the eurozone throws at us." - Telegraph
  • Daniel Hannan: 'Britain is sent the bill to prop up a currency it didn't join' - Telegraph
  • Daniel Knowles: 'Labour's new Euroscepticism should worry the Coalition'- "It's quite easy to ignore Ed Balls these days.. But every now and again, the Shadow Chancellor says or does something more interesting than he gets credit for. Last night was such an occasion. The announcement that Labour will oppose any increase in Britain's contribution to the IMF ought to be taken seriously: this could present a serious headache for the Government" - Telegraph
  • Daniel Korski: Cameron should appoint a Special Negotiator in Brussels to push a British agenda - Spectator
  • Live blogs about the €urozone debt crisis - Guardian I Telegraph I Times (£)
  • The full text of the final Communiqué at the G20 summit in Cannes - Telegraph
  • Greek PM Papandreou faces a "knife-edge" vote later on tonight - Guardian
  • Merkel warns that the G20 summit could end without expected funds for bailout, and to the IMF - Guardian
  • G20 leaders press Italy to accept IMF checks on cuts programme - Guardian I Times (£)
  • Barroso says that Italy called in the IMF "to monitor implementation of its austerity measures in order to bolster their credibility" - Bloomberg


  • Ruth Davidson is the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives - ToryDiary
  • Tory Hoose describes Davidson's victory as a "breath of fresh air" - ToryHoose
  • Profile of Ruth Davidson - Scottish Herald
  • ToryHoose have confirmed a 63.8% turnout. Margaret Mitchell came in 4th place, with 8% of the vote
  • ToryHoose have been running live coverage of the leadership election - ToryHoose
  • Cameron pays tribute to the "passionate" and "no nonsense" outgoing Scottish Conservative leader, Annabel Goldie - MPsETC
  • Scottish Tories on the verge of electing a new leader - Guardian


  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) says that Alex Salmond has has no “practical strategy” for delivering his promise of a green energy revolution - Telegraph
  • Labour MP Tom Harris launches his campaign for the leadership of the Scottish Labour party - Telegraph


  • "Good for the economy and good for women": May announces plans for 5,000 female mentors - ToryDiary
  • May outlines moves to help women - Press Association
  • The Fawcett society say that women "are the hardest hit in Coalition's austerity era" - Daily Mail


  • Richard Spencer: 'Britain will always try to avoid a rift with the US on the Middle East' - Telegraph
  • Michael Burleigh: 'Iran is 'ready', but the last thing we need is war in the Gulf' - Daily Mail
  • Werritty backer Jon Moulton, says he will hand evidence suggesting he was duped to the police - Guardian
  • Boris unveils new bus for London - Guardian
  • Ed West: 'Do the Occupy LSX protesters seriously think they're the British equivalent of Syria's rebels?' - Telegraph
  • Richard Seymour: 'Labour cannot woo Occupy London whilst it defends the City' - Guardian