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Teatime newslinks for Wednesday 26th October 2011


  • Before attending the EU summit in Brussels, Cameron says that stopping the "contagion" of the €urozone crisis from spreading, is a priority - Guardian
  • Cameron denies split with Clegg over EU powers - BBC
  • It's rally round Cameron time at PMQs - ToryDiary
  • James Forsyth says that Cameron "came out swinging" but suggests 3 friendly questions from female MPs show how worried the Tory party is about the female vote - Spectator
  • Cameron calls Miliband a "complete mug who wants no rebalancing at all" of EU powers - PlayPolitical
  • David Hughes: 'Who exactly is the mug, Mr Cameron?' - Telegraph
  • Kiran Stacey: The Conservatives were temporarily united in laughing at Miliband - FT
  • Peter McHugh: 'Tory tribalism saves the day for Dave' - New Statesman
  • Ed Miliband should have had it easy, says Daniel Knowles, but he chose to focus on Cameron-Clegg differences - Telegraph
  • Lloyd Evans: Miliband was "truly walloped by Cameron", as his attack had "no sense of bite, or surprise" - Spectator
  • "If Monday's vote on Europe turned Cameron's hair grey, then Wednesday's not-so-awkward follow up at PMQ's will have sent him to the continent with colour in his cheeks" - ePolitix.com


  • Matthew d'Ancona: "Arguing about Europe has always made Tories feel pious and, in politics, piety is invariably a form of self-harm. It blurs your vision and fills you with delusion about how you are really seen" - Evening Standard
  • Tim Shipman: 'David Cameron has driven his government into a state of 'Barmygeddon' - Daily Mail
  • Ruth Sunderland: Can the €uro be saved? "Barring a miracle, the single currency looks to be unravelling, and the consequences of that are unknowable. Opponents of the euro project always feared it would, and can only look on in sadness at the increasingly difficult plight of our European neighbours, who were seduced by their own political dream." - Daily Mail
  • The €urozone crisis explained in just under 3 minutes - PlayPolitical


  • Labour MP, Luciana Berger demands an apology from Cameron, over remarks he made about Hillsborough families - Huffington Post
  • Nick Molho: 'Huhne is right on climate sceptics and "armchair engineers" - New Statesman
  • Vince Cable embarrassed by unpaid tax - Independent
  • Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna says recomendation to scrap the concept of unfair dismissal is "ludicrous" - Telegraph
  • You can have your own view on this, here.
  • Even if most Scots want the union, Scotland will become independent, says Alex Salmond - Telegraph
  • An independent Scotland 'would have to join the €uro' - Telegraph