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Teatime newslinks for Thursday 27th October 2011


  • Osborne tells the Commons that Britain is ready to contribute to the IMF, but not directly to EU bailout mechanism - Guardian
  • €urozone deal must not lose momentum, says Osborne - BBC
  • George Osborne: 'Our view about how to solve the €urozone's immediate problems has been clear, consistent and forcibly expressed' - PlayPolitical
  • Peter Hoskin: 'Osborne's response to Europe's gappy deadl' - Spectator
  • Nick Wood: 'Cameron must put Britain first in this €uro-shambles' - Daily Mail
  • Dan Hodges: "Europe, as a political concept, is dying. The great irony is that the only people who can’t see it are the Eurosceptics themselves. It was their manic Europhobia and constant cries of “wolf” that ceded the debate, by default, to the pro-Europeans. And now it is that same mania that is keeping the fading embers of the great European debate alive" - Telegraph
  • Simon Heffer describes the €urozone crisis deal as "smoke and mirrors to calm the markets" - Daily Mail
  • John Palmer: "The combination of eurozone political union and backbench Euroscepticism may herald a gradual departure from the EU" - Guardian
  • Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos: "Cameron and many in his party appear to believe that legislation that improves workers’ rights, and efforts to curb the devastating power of financial markets is not in Britain’s interests. This is the real meaning of the Tory EU rebellion" - OpenDemocracy
  • James Chapman: Iain Duncan Smith will quit if Cameron mishandles EU vote again - Daily Mail
  • Ed West: "Re-reading George Orwell’s "The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius", it’s telling how little has changed among England’s Europeanised intelligentsia" - Telegraph
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage claims that discussion are underway over possible defections of Tory MPs and MEPs - politics.co.uk I Evening Standard


  • Ken's tactics to portray Boris as lazy backfires - raising questions about his own workrate as Mayor of London - LeftWatch
  • 'I'm like Churchill ... I can write and run London, says Boris' - Evening Standard
  • Dave Hill: "Such jibes are all of a piece with a broader attack theme I expect to see developing apace as the election draws nearer - that Boris has achieved precious little as mayor other than nourishing his own celebrity" - Guardian


  • Jonathan Jones: 'Labour aren't capitalising on the Government's woes' - Spectator
  • Only 16% of ethnic minorities voted Conservative in 2010 general election - Runnymede Trust
  • Joshua Rozenberg: 'Dominic Grieve takes on the European court of human rights' - Guardian
  • Repear criminals responsible for half a million crimes - Telegraph
  • MPs on the Commons justice select committee agree that criminals who steal personal details should be jailed - Guardian
  • Sadiq Khan compares Tory justice policy to a rollercoaster - Telegraph
  • Jeremy Hunt says UK gambling laws are "inconsistent" - BBC
  • David Wooding: Labour demanding Cameron wears poppy now is like moaning he hasn’t sent Xmas cards by mid-November - DavidWooding.co.uk
  • James Forsyth: 'The politicisation of poppies' - Spectator