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Teatime newslinks for Monday 17th October 2011


  • Government sets out plans to tackle rising energy costs - Guardian
  • Cameron to meet energy companies at summit - FT
  • Industry bosses warn gas prices will continue to rise - Telegraph
  • In a joint article, Cameron and Huhne say the Government must work "harder and faster" to reduce energy bills - Evening Standard I Independent
  • Cameron and Huhne: 'Our plans to tackle rising energy costs' - Moneysavingexpert.com
  • On energy prices, Chris Huhne says the Government is "working with Ofgem, the independent regulator, to simplify dramatically the number of tariffs" - PlayPolitical
  • As energy bills look set to soar by another £300, minister Chris Huhne claims UK energy prices are 'relatively good' - Daily Mail I Telegraph
  • James Forsyth: 'Miliband's challenge' - Spectator


  • Hague declares 'watershed' moment in Libya relations - Telegraph I Guardian
  • The Union Jack flies again, as the British Embassy is re-opened in Tripoli by Hague - BBC I Press Association
  • Sir John Jenkins is named as the new ambassador in Tripoli - FCO
  • Libyan rebels capture the Gaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid - Guardian
  • Hague arrives in Morocco for his first official visit - FCO
  • Brian Whitaker: The Foreign Office should complain to the Bahrain government, over their distortion of Hague's statement to the Commons - alBab.com


  • Harry Phibbs: 'The Tory right has no leader' - Daily Mail
  • Alex Massie: 'Is Cameron too quiet on Europe? Blame the Tory right' - Spectator


  • Downing Street won't speed up lobbying industry regulation - BBC
  • Political lobbying: the current rules for UK MPs - BBC
  • Jim Pickard: 'The lobbyists lobby against lobbying register' - FT
  • Kevan Jones: 'Liam Fox's resignation is a warning to Cameron about transparency' - Guardian
  • Peter McKay: 'Cameron's the expert on cronies' - Daily Mail
  • Paper trail left by Werritty led journalists to Defence Secretary's door - Scotsman
  • Hammond linked to millionaire backer behind Fox's charity - Independent
  • Kiran Stacey: 'Charity Commission makes inquiries more transparent' - FT


  • MPs to air planning law reforms frustration - Telegraph
  • 200,000 sign National Trust petition urging a rethink - Independent
  • Vicky Pryce: 'Trust in bricks and mortar' - Spectator
  • Cristina Odone: 'Why Paul Goodman is right (and brave) to take on Douglas Murray's Muslim bashing' - Telegraph
  • 'The Tories' problem with women keeps getting worse' - New Statesman
  • The 'Tory Tornado': David Davies and his hobby of white collar boxing - Daily Star
  • Tom Chivers: 'Cameron's a lizard, Miliband's a robot, Winston Churchill would kill his own mother. Political insults aren't new' - Telegraph
  • Cameron loves Facebook - TechEye
  • Met officer, Simon Harwood denies killing Ian Tomlinson at G20 protests - Guardian
  • Gavan Titley: 'What really drives the Nick Griffin 'free speech' drama' - Guardian