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Teatime newslinks for Friday 28th October 2011


  • ToryDiary: Capitalism is in danger
  • The PM: "Boards have got think, when they’re making pay awards ‘is this the right and responsible thing to do’. Of course you’ve got to attract the best talent to run the business that you are accountable for as a non-executive director, but is what you’re doing responsible?" - PolHome (£)
  • Gerald Howarth: "The capitalist system has been proven to have delivered. It's not perfect, of course, but we had the experiment in communism, and a slightly milder version of it here called socialism, and the Government of 1945 did irreparable damage to the United Kingdom, followed by Wilson and Callaghan, and was rescued of course by Margaret Thatcher in 1979." - PolHome (£)
  • Ed Miliband's soundbite for the day: "I think it’s wrong because what we see is rewards not based on performance, not a something for something culture, but a something for nothing culture." - PolHome (£)
  • Mark Field MP: "What’s interesting about St Paul’s – obviously it’s in my constituency and I’ve been down there a few times during the course of this week – is the sense that it’s not just the usual suspects, not just people on the Left of politics, but there’s increasingly an unease from a lot of middle-class people that somehow the rules of capitalism are skewed against them." - PolHome (£)
  • Blue Labourite Maurice Glasman: "How the St Paul's protesters seek to democratise London"



  • UK clocks change trial being considered - BBC
  • James Forsyth: "Under the new regime, anyone living north of Manchester would have to endure two months of the year when it was dark when they started work at 9am. Any government that supported this move would look like a government of southerners, by southerners for southerners. The consequences for the Union could be horrendous too. Just imagine what a propaganda gift the new time would be for Alex Salmond. ... Changing a system that works would be profoundly unconservative."
  • Peter Hitchens' Spectator cover story condemns the move: "The bill has been around many times before in varying shapes. It is hard to think of any other proposal that has come back to parliament so many times and in so many forms, and always supported by Europhiles."


  • LeftWatch: Labour's Shadow Education Minister, Kevin Brennan, argues for the abolition of private schools
  • Europe, Tax, Candidates, Climate Change, Candidates - all feature in the end-October ConHome survey
  • New PPS appointments confirmed - MPsETC
  • The People's Pledge send round an email following Monday's vote: "We are writing to you because your MP did vote to have a referendum. We would like you to write to your MP thanking them for voting in line with the majority of the public, rather than bowing to the pressure from their parties."
  • "Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Alistair Burt has congratulated all those involved in the Tunisian elections, which were held 10 months after the fall of the Ben Ali regime." - FCO
  • Michael D Higgins on course to become next President - Irish Independent
  • Expats, election fanatics, or interested neighbours can watch the results come in live at RTÉ
  • Vincent Tabak found guilty of Jo Yeates murder - BBC
  • "The family of Joanna Yeates welcomed today's verdict saying, in a statement read by police outside court: "It is a regret that capital punishment is not an option."" - ITV