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Teatime newslinks for Friday 21st October 2011


  • Chris Moncrieff: "Some of the 2010 intake are showing refreshing signs" -  'Will Tories defy Cameron's EU whip?' - Daily Mail
  • Jim Pickard: 'Cameron's big European problem' - FT
  • Daniel Knowles: 'This EU referendum vote shows that David Cameron doesn't control his party' - Telegraph
  • Dan Hodges: 'For Labour, Europe is the gift that keeps on giving' - Telegraph
  • Michael White: 'David Cameron on Europe: Time to lead from the front' - Guardian
  • Nick Wood: 'Is Cameron about to strike another blow against trust in politicians? - "With 60 per cent of Tory Party members wanting out of the EU, the gulf between the governed and the governing could not be starker. Talk about a democratic deficit" - Daily Mail
  • Daniel Hannan: 'Gibraltarians understand what it means to be British. Do we?' - Telegraph


  • Cameron can be pleased that the military action he lobbied for had its desired effect - Evening Standard
  • Cameron and Sarkozy win plaudits for Libya role - Reuters
  • "Events in Libya would allow the whole region to move towards "greater democracy and greater freedom" says Nick Clegg - BBC
  • What role will NATO have in post-Gaddafi Libya? - CNN
  • Cristina Odone: "Death is ready for his close-up: Colonel Gaddafi's brutal on-screen ending - There can be valid reasons for showing even the most brutal of images. And yet those scenes from yesterday have left me feeling distinctly queasy" - Telegraph


  • Phillip Hammond backs Trident renewal - Guardian I Independent
  • Boost for Osborne's deficit plans as Government remains in sight of its fiscal targets - Independent
  • Fraser Nelson: 'The austerity myth' - "So in the last 12 months, the UK government current spending totaled £613.5bn – the highest figure in British history. If this is austerity, I’d hate to see profligacy" - Spectator
  • European commission drops automatic fish quota - Independent
  • Peter Tatchell calls on Hague to raise gay rights at Commonwealth meeting - Guardian
  • Tories and Labour neck and neck in latest council by-elections - Independent
  • Ed Miliband hires property tycoon Andrew Rosenfeld as Labour fund-raising adviser - Telegraph
  • Scottish nationalist, Alex Neil says Cameron is "trying to dictate referendum" - Press Association
  • New pictures emerge from the Thatcher biopic, 'The Iron Lady' - HeyUGuys
  • Sally Bercow is to move into Irish traveller's caravan for Channel 5 reality show - First Post