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Teatime newslinks for Tuesday 25th October 2011


  • The Conservative party is as divided as ever it was ... and a referendum is the only way to acheive closure - ToryDiary
  • Cameron says there is no "bad blood, rancour, bitterness" towards the rebels - PlayPolitical
  • Conservatives focus on limiting fallout of the EU referendum vote - Guardian
  • He has two things to consider the day after, says Benedict Brogan: The future of the coalition, and his credibility as leader - Telegraph
  • Tory MPs feel Cameron is both weak and heavy-handed on Europe - Guardian
  • James Forsyth: 'Cameron needs a new management style' - elements of the party "want him to stop acting like a medieval monarch and start behaving in the manner of someone who is first among equals"  - Spectator
  • Alex Massie responds to James Forsyth -  Cameron "these days is something of an elected monarch" but "not first among equals in any meaningful sense" - Spectator
  • Chris Moncrieff: 'Cameron tried to bully MPs with a whip that he didn't need ... now he's the one with egg on his face' - Daily Mail
  • George Eaton: Cameron was right to take on the backbenchers, "he has shown that he is prepared to adopt a position - that a referendum on EU membership is not in Britain's interests - and stick to it" - New Statesman
  • Michael White: 'Tory revolt over EU referendum bursts into flames' - Guardian
  • Gove says he "respected the passion" from backbenchers, stressing consensus in the Tory party over the EU - MPsETC
  • Daniel Knowles: Is Gove serious to say the Tories are "united as never before?" Knowles argues that "most of the party doesn't really disagree with the public statements of William Hague or David Cameron: they want guarantees against further integration and a return to Westminster of some powers (nobody is sure which)." - Telegraph
  • Steven Baxter: "The rift over Europe -- the faultline that runs through the Conservative Party and has done for so many years -- is not going to go away, but that it has popped up so soon in this administration could be an indication of strength rather than weakness" - New Statesman
  • The treasury denies that Andrea Leadsom MP swore at George Osborne over the telephone - Telegraph
  • Clegg rules out repatriating powers from Europe - BBC  I Times (£)
  • Clegg says the Tories "have a bee in the bonnet" over Europe - Telegraph


  • Cameron and Hammond announce plans for a £1bn upgrade to the army's Warrior armoured vehicles - Guardian I Telegraph
  • Boris Johnson asked to answer claims that he 'misled' Commons committee - Guardian
  • Andrea Leadsom MP suggest books and videos used for sex education should be given a rating - BBC
  • George Eaton: Scotland is moving closer to independence: "Labour and the Tories, leaderless as they are in Scotland, are not even close to devising a strategy to combat Salmond" - New Statesman
  • With Murdo Fraser's plans to rebrand the Scottish Conservatives, the Huffington Post asks whether a political party can be rebranded - Huffington Post