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to renew the housing stock and try to help social cohisian, you must make sure when new houses are built 1 in 3,4 or 5 of the houses in that plot are council owened for poor families, people make fortunes from building houses and they should play their part in building a better britain


So it's not just Cameron that's policy-lite!


I support the call for a debate on housing.It's a disgrace that full scale house building was stopped by previous governments. Hells bells - if Wilson and Callaghan's governments could do it- so can we!

Mark Wadsworth

We do not need more key worker schemes and nonsense like that - here's a housing policy that will work ...


John Allen

I would like to see the public monopolies make sensible planning decisions. We will all have seen proposals to "save money" that transfer costs to users, probably more than the saving. This comes about because the NHS, for instance, only considers funding from the treasury. So you get hospital closures and ward rationalisation looking economic. The cost of patients, companions and visitor extra travel costs ignored.

As a public monopoly, decisions should be based on total capital and revenue costs.
A tunnel vision Chancellor like Brown would not like this but votors would.


"We're also a bit behind on counting up the votes from the last few policies, but we'll do them all in 24hrs so you still have a chance to vote for them"

People will say the Conservatives are incapable of keeping their promises, even out of office!

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