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Denis Cooper

It goes back much further than that, back to H G Wells and the Fabians and further back from there ... it's a pity that many people have swallowed the bait and implicitly accepted an ideology which was designed to destroy everything that they think they believe in ... I don't know whether this article is entirely right, but it gives a flavour and should inspire a degree of caution:

"Deconstructing the "Human Rights" Ideology"


"The architect of the "Human Rights" ideology is Jean-Jacques Rousseau, "father" of the French Revolution and patron of the "new" methods of education, or rather de-education, in our schools in recent years. It is his ideas that Article 1 of the UN's Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man is based on ... Karl Marx is well known for the saying, "Workers of the World Unite. You Have Nothing To Lose But your Chains." Less well known is that Marx's word chains refers to a key sentence at the start of The Social Contract: "Main Is Born Free, But Is Everywhere In Chains". Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man, made by the United Nations in December 1948, comes straight from Rousseau: it begins, "All human beings are born free". Yet in his Confessions, Rousseau admits that he placed all five of his children ... into an orphanage, one by one at birth, without even giving them a name, and never saw any of them again ... Rousseau justifies his action as follows: "in handing my children over for the State to educate ... I thought I was acting as a citizen and a father, and looked upon myself as a member of Plato's Republic." " Etc etc.


We need fewer ministers, not more, in the same way we need less legislation. And incorporation of the HRA into domestic legisalation has had a pernicious effect (just as it seemed it would do when I studied constitutional law) although you want get those who championed it (the usual suspects) to admit it.


Aristeides seems to be under the delusion that the Conservative Party has a glorious history in foreign poicy. Has he not heard of Neville Chmberlain & appeasement? Or Suez, Bosnia & Rwanda? Or doing dubious deals with Saddam Hussein & Slobodan Milosevic? I could go on...

Maybe a commitment to human rights would help to improve this record.

Andrew Kennedy

More Government. More spending. More emotional clap-trap.

A Minister for Human rights will do as much for liberty as the Minister for Trade did for enterprise.

I vote NO !


aristeides has heard of Neville Chamberlain and appeasement. He has heard of Winston Churchill and defeating Hitler too. He has heard of Suez, Bosnia and Rwanda. He has heard of Korea, the cold war, the Falklands and Kuwait. He does not have illusions let alone delusions about glory but is satisfied that - as he repeats - the Conservative Party's very long record on confronting slavery, fascism, Nazism and Communism speaks for itself.

Commitment to the rights and freedom of man is not junk words about condemning this or censoring that. They are platitudes that I worry Henry's tone implies should be a new party policy.

Martin Smith

Niall Gooch at 0210 PM made the most salient point. The Human Rights we are talking about here are not necessarily what's in our own Human Rights Act. We are talking freedom of speech, ability to choose one's government, freedom to assemble, associate and make one's point, to think however one chooses without fear of persecution.

If you don't like the term Human Rights you can call them basic freedoms if you want. A pernickety question of semantics will make no difference to the young Belarusians imprisoned in Lukashenko's 21st-century gulags for peacefully expressing their opinion of their president, in a place 3 hours flying time from the UK.

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ConservativeHome's 100policies.com is a big experiment. Can the readers of this blog propose, scrutinise and refine one hundred policies that will amount to a worthy submission to the Conservative Party's policy review process? Can the 'wisdom of the crowds' match the careful work of the six policy groups, the various taskforces and the Westminster think tanks? We'll know in a few months...

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