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Yet Another Anon

son of a former Conservative agent!
Patty Hearst who was abducted by the SLA (a radical Marxist revolutionary group in the USA) is the daughter of a major Newspaper tycoon and having been abducted she then joined the group, a lot of their members were Upper Middle Class Americans - the whole Che Guevarra thing, people such as Jane "Hanoi" Fonda suddenly becoming supporters of Revolutionary Marxism back in the 1960's and 1970's, there are some similarities in the cult of Osama Bin Laden and that of Che Guevarra in terms of imagery that could attract a lot of people who are either bored or feel a lack of meaning in life, in most of North America and Europe there has been a lot of undermining of the spiritual side of life and a creeping moral relativism that has left people without any reference points over decades now.

Cardinal Pirelli

One who's just been charged is called Brian!


In reply to Kevin Davis, Richard Reid was anything but normal looking ! He may have been white, but looked like a pantomime suicide bomber.

Matt Davis

A number of people seem not to understand how passenger profiling actually works. It is not just a case of targetting anyone with a Muslim or Asian name as some of you mistakenly wish to believe, it is a holistic system which also monitors the behaviour of all passengers from their arrival at an airport or port and takes account of various factors, other than just a persons apparent ethnicity or religion, and would have caught the likes of Richard Reid before he boarded a plane.

The parameters for Passenger Profiling are indeed set solely by the security professionals based upon their experience and knowledge of current threat sources and levels, unlike the Labour Government's current unsustainable system in which the parameters have been set by a politician for reasons of political correctness first and foremost.

Neil Wilson

Policy supported.

I can see why it would create negative feeling among the Muslim "community" but I'm really past caring. If the policy were to be implemented, Muslim "leaders" would start to blame the targeting of Muslim men for Islamic terrorism but, as we know, they are always looking for an excuse.

It makes no sense at all to stop and search those, such as elderly white women, who are obviously not going to commit any crime. Let's stop clogging up airports by getting people to sip their child's water and introduce profiling.

Liam Murray

Dangerous nonsense I'm afraid. Just because the tone of opposition is predictble make it no less valid. This isn't about shrieking political correctness or undue sensitivity towards UK Muslims, it's about real common sense and an awareness of what actually works.

(1) It would be months (perhaps weeks) before Islamic fundamentalists found a non-Asian sympathiser who would happily waltz through these measures.

(2) The policy itself would dramatically increase the size of the disaffected, radicalised Muslim youth movement who would be looking for the sort of person mentioned in (1)

and consequetly (3)- our actual security would massively undermined.

It looks like the battle for the soul of this party is far from over...

Tired and emotional

There may be the odd convert who falls outside of the holistic passenger profiling system described by someone above but that threat exists now anyway. Everyone needs to decide whether stopping mass-murder and the hamstringing of air travel in this country is important enough to upset the community of people responsible for that mass-murder and mass-inconvenience.

It shows just how far we, as a society, need to travel before we overcome our guilt complex that we are even debating this. Of course it is necessary, of course it will upset people. Tough. Why should we provide a level playing field, let's force them to adapt their tactics rather than reacting all the time. What a shock it would be to the fanatics if one of these decadent, supine Western societies took strong action.

There is also the prospect that UK Muslims might blame the inconvenience of the profiling on the people actually responsible for creating the need for it - the fanatics of political Islam.


It is hard to think of any proposal more hopelessly ineffective than this one. Anyone who has actually talked to people from an intelligence background, or even read any basic history of intelligence activities in NI knows this.

Luckily the intelligence services aren't so stupid as to do something like this. Covert profiling - deciding where to target intelligence resources - happens all the time. But the targeting of individuals can only be done on the basis of specific intelligence.

Still, I'm sure the author felt good getting this off his chest.

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