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Thank you for answering my question, Theresa May.

I note that the New “Caring” Conservative Party does not regard the support of widows and orphans as a matter of great importance.

"I think it’s right to have a specific Minister for Women because of the number of issues that exclusively or predominantly affect women, such as domestic violence, rape, the gender pay gap and other workplace issues."

Yes, domestic violence and rape never affect men.

Tommy - I think 80% of domestic violence and rape victims are women. Hence 'predominantly affect women'.

If a man is great at tennis, but excels at 3-set matches, rather than 5, is it not sexually discriminating him not to allow him to enter the Wimbledon women's tournament?

Considering that the prize money for the 3 and 5 set tournaments are now equal, it seems the height of discrimination to bar men from the 3-set tournament based solely on their sex.

My brief actually covers Women and Equality so men come under this as well. However, I think it’s right to have a specific Minister for Women because of the number of issues that exclusively or predominantly affect women, such as domestic violence, rape, the gender pay gap and other workplace issues. I’m not sure there’s quite the same need for a Minister for Men.

If I lived in her constituency, as a man, I would not vote for her. Making assumptions and sticking your head in the sand about what it's like to be something she can never be shows what a lousy politician she is!

Go find out May earn your money! Prove you do not suffer from the sexual prejudice your words seem to display!

David Cameron should take the 'equality' (sic) brief away from her!

By legislating against “discrimination” against women, successive governments of both parties have made the lives of many women more difficult. I previously cited the case of young widows, for whom the widows’ pension was progressively devalued and then withdrawn. There is also the example of married couples’ personal allowance, the demise of which not only made life harder for married women looking after young children but also for married couples where, for whatever reason, the wife has to be the main breadwinner.

Finally, although state funded organisations and to some extent large companies, may still employ women of child bearing age, employment in SMEs is now virtually a no-go area for such women, other than family members.

In practice, the Conservative Party was rather more caring when it was “nasty”.

I'd love to know if she regrets using her nasty party tag? I certainly do was one of the most stupidest things ever to give the opposition line after line in their speeches.

" I would also like to see a greater take-up of childcare vouchers. These come out of an employee’s salary and go straight towards childcare costs. They are exempt from tax and National Insurance, meaning both the employee and employer benefit. A mother can save up to £99 a month through this arrangement. We hope to see more working parents make use of this."

Thank you very much Theresa for your very full answer to my question. I think regarding the part of your answer I have quoted here, we need to publicise these Childcare Vouchers more as I suspect very many parents are unaware that they exist.

"because of the number of issues that exclusively or predominantly affect women, such as domestic violence, rape, the gender pay gap."

For God's sake, even as a 15 year old I can counteract these aspects - Domestic Violence: New statistics show us that 1 out of 6 men will suffer Domestic Violence in their lifetime, and men in their 20s are MORE likely to be abuse than women of the same age. Rape: Figures in the past have shown that 47 percent of rape allegations are completely false. They don't give any consideration to the fact that men have committed suicide in the past because of false allegations like these. Gender Pay Gap: What about the Gender Health Gap where recent statistics have shown that men are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and are 70% more likely to DIE from any form of cancer than women. All MP's responses are completely a cop-out in regards to calls for a Minister ensuring the welfare of equality for men (A Minister for Men).

UPDATE:In my hasty response to the outrageous statement made by Theresa May; she took the idea of a Minister for Men lightly. I inadvertently stated my age as 15, I was 16 in January.

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