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Browne and Guto Harri are positioning themselves for big jobs in a Cameron Downing Street.

Coffee House is reporting James O'Shaughnessy as a candidate. Now head of Tory research he was head of research at Policy Exchange.

I see no problem with that wolf?

Nor do I Tory Bear but that's what is going on.

On his blog Donal Blaney is mischievously putting our very own Tim forward as a candidate!

So no agenda for the Mayoralty then. What a waste of time this is turning out to be.

Boris surely can't have been planning this since day one?!

The Cameroons are running City Hall but do not trust anyone outside their pet think tank. They don't respect or even like the CPS, "Reform" or ASI. The Conservative Party is run by a self-serving clique of Blairites. They are Conservative in name only and have adopted the style, political correctness and social democratic policies of New Labour. Blue Labour, Blue danger!

I second Libertarian. The cronyism of appointing mates is very worrying.

Everyone is getting an early preview of the nothing agenda of Cameron & co.

These people are a complete waste of everyone's time.

I thank Alan S for his support.

Policy Exchange's domination of the senior appointments in Team Boris is more than cronyism. It is evidence of control freakery, bunker mentality, paranoia and closed minds UPON TAKING OFFICE!!!

Two months after taking office, there is no sign of any coherent agenda for transforming London. Boris had no vision when he won (probably to his own dismay) and is limited to obeying Cameroon instructions enforced by Boles and his Policy Exchange cronies.

It is not surprising that Boris has bunked off to the Med to escape his team of Policy Exchange minders. What does Dave have on Boris to be able to control him like this? And why would Boris give up Henley to be a puppet? His only consolation is that the Telegraph is paying him £250k to write his brainless pap.

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