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How in HELL have Labour gone up???

The headline in one of the business papers this week was something like 'Housing slowdown will finally sink Brown'.

I am not so sure that this or the general economic slowdown will be the end of Brown.

What will definitely sink Brown is when voters look to the government for a way out of the economic slowdown, and they will see that Brown has no answers and definitely no vision.

The Conservative party must keep the focus on economic matters. Portray Gordon Brown as the man who built an economy on credit. Now that the credit has dried up the fake Labour economy has ground to a halt. A simple message but one most people will understand and remember.

Cant we get Carol Vorderman to do some PEB's for us... "With one simple call to LabourCredit you can consolidate all your debts and build them up for a massive crash in the future"... "If you apply now, 10% of the profits will go to the Labour Party but not in your name"... could be funny and effective?

The 9% who think the economy will get better are either very stupid or on strong drugs.

Nick, a great idea! We will all have to try and chip in with a few slogans. How about...

"Labour just can't mend, a broken economy built on borrow-and-spend!"

Like the suggestion on the Election Broadcast by Nick.

"28% think race relations and immigration is the top issue of concern."

What is the rank order of the parties on this issue?

Every, every department of this sorry, so called Government is a mess. Blair was the grinning front man for a Brown old labour agenda. Now the Soviet model applied to this once great nation is as derelict as the old Soviet Union, where is our Berlin Wall to tear down?
I love my Party and it's history but now I fear for It's and our Nations's survival.
David, you have the chance to be a Churchill. After conference, I think you might have it within you to be so. Yet time is running out. We must make people see the dire awfullness. Please. please do it.

m dowding, I agree, the next election will effect the future direction of our country far more than most people imagine. We need strong competent government, especially if we are heading for stormy economic waters. Everyone must get behind David Cameron and give us the change of direction we need.

Why on earth are "race relations" and "immigration" lumped into one? This doesn't make any sense to me at all.

Tom FD, the left try to equate immigration with race relations to silence any debate on the subject. They want more immigration because they believe it leads to more votes for them. Anyhow how can immigration be about race relations when most immigrants coming into Britain these days are white? The left use race as yet another gravy-train industry, they exploit ethnic groups to make political gain, as the recent Lee Jasper case shows only too well.

"cause things can only get better... la la la"

or not.

The 9%, in the survey, who think the economy will get better are probably cabinet ministers.

Sorry, "Mandy knows a thing or two", you've forgotten the councillors!

A good poll, edging up,

and it looks credible aswell as it doesn't have Labour unrealistically low,
and the Others are a more credible figure of 9% which is 1 point up on last time in 2005.

"The Conservative party must keep the focus on economic matters."

Unfortunately George Osborne is not up to the task of doing this.

How in HELL have Labour gone up???

Well, they're up 3% and the Lib Dems are down 4% - do the math! It's the usual shimmying between the two socialist parties (oops, I should say 'Social Democrats') by the sandal-wearing fraternity unable to make up their minds, and who are swayed by the machinations of the Guardian and the BBC.

and it looks credible aswell as it doesn't have Labour unrealistically low,
and the Others are a more credible figure of 9% which is 1 point up on last time in 2005

Rather defeats the purpose of having the poll if people only pay attention to the results if it matches pre-conceptions.

In my opinion opinion polls on voting intention at a General Election 1.5 years off really mean little and so often people say what they think others want to hear and make decisions based on other factors they don't consider when answering pollsters, or even refuse to answer, or lie deliberately - there are so many things that can skew polls, the media loves it of course because they help fuel stories.

"Unfortunately George Osborne is not up to the task of doing this."

Iain (at 11:03), who do you have in mind?

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