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Cameron beats Ed Miliband by 47% to 20% as preferred PM

By Tim Montgomerie

An ICM poll - just released for The Guardian - has the Conservatives 2% behind Labour. The Tories are on 35%, Labour is on 37%. The Liberal Democrats at 18% are much stronger than in the YouGov daily tracker poll which tends to have Nick Clegg's party down at about 12%.

PM-Cameron The much better news for David Cameron is that he is seen as overwhelmingly the best choice for PM. 47% say the Conservative leader would make the best PM. Ed Miliband gets the nod from just 20%. Nick Clegg is on 10%.

There's mixed news on the economy for the Coalition. By 50% to 31% the Coalition beats Labour when voters are asked which party will deliver prosperity. Unfortunately by 43% to 37% voters think the cuts have gone too far - and that's before the cuts have bitten.

In line with last night's YouGov tracker voters who believe that Ed Miliband is shifting the ideology of Labour are much more likely to think he's shifting it to the Left than to the Right (by 28% to 8%).


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