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Appointments confirmed after the restructuring of CCHQ's Campaigning Department

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 7 With the restructuring of his department now reaching its conclusion, Stephen Gilbert, the party's Director of Campaigning, has today confirmed a number of appointments.

There is no longer to be a strict regional structure across England, each with its own Regional Director. Instead there will be four, bigger "zones" - the North, the Midlands, the South and the South West - each with its own Field Director, Field Campaigners and Voluntary Party Manager.

The Field Campaigners take the place of old Campaign Director role and will work on a roving basis across their patch, concentrating on Target Council campaigns and the seats likely to be targets at the General Election scheduled for 2015; meanwhile the Voluntary Party Managers will work with Regional and Area officers to develop and improve the Party organisation in constituencies.

The appointments are as follows:

Deputy Director: Mike Dolley
Deputy Director (Voluntary Party and Organisation): Stephen Phillips
Deputy Director (Elections): Darren Mott
Deputy Director (Best Practice): Stuart Hand

The North
Field Director: Diane Clarke
Field Campaigners: Matt Crompton, Simon Eardley, Neville Lishman, Mike Nicholls, Jasbir Singh
Voluntary Party Manager North: Maurice Cook

The Midlands
Field Director: Robert Ashman
Field Campaigners : Brian Jarvis, Simon Jevon, Clare Sawdon, Kate Vaughan
Voluntary Party Manager: Carys Parry

The South
Field Director: Ian Sanderson
Field Campaigners: Mark Roberts, Anna Robinson, Chris Scott (London Campaign Director), Frank Young
Voluntary Party Managers: Paul Bolton, Julian Walden

The South West
Field Director: Hayward Burt
Field Campaigners: Tony Lee, Richard Stephens
Voluntary Party Manager  – Judy Jamieson (part-time)

Other posts:
Boundary Review Manager: Roger Pratt
Campaign Specialists: Marion Little, Jonathan Quinn, Stephen Parkinson

In the words of one of the Field Directors in a message to activists in his region:

"The new arrangement is intended to provide a flexible team of professionals who can be deployed to assist wherever the greatest political need exists at any particular time whilst also ensuring that priority is given to strengthening our organisation across the constituencies".


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