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58% of voters want Cameron to rule on his own

Screen shot 2010-05-08 at 21.29.23The poll was taken by BPIX for the Mail on Sunday.

Tim Montgomerie

Sunday morning update:

The Sunday Times carries a YouGov poll which suggests that just 28% of people want Gordon Brown to remain as Prime Minster:

"The YouGov survey, carried out on Friday and yesterday in the wake of Labour’s election slump, shows a big majority calling for the prime minister to make way for David Cameron. By more than two to one, 62% to 28%, the poll of more than 1,400 voters shows that people think Brown should have conceded defeat on Friday, rather than hanging on in case the Conservatives cannot strike a deal with the Liberal Democrats.

"Voters are also clear that the new government should be led by the Tories, rather than be a Labour-Lib Dem coalition. By 48% to 31%, they say the government should either be a Conservative minority administration or a Cameron-led coalition."

Jonathan Isaby


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