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Saturday 9th February 2008

Colin_powell_bantustan 4pm BritainAndAmerica: Could Colin Powell back Barack Obama?

3pm ToryDiary: Prospect of former spy as Chairman of Scottish Tories ends good week for Annabel Goldie

Andrew Lilico on Platform: We have to make the election about us, not Labour

PlayPolitical videos: George Osborne on the implications for the national debt of Northern Rock and David Cameron challenges Gordon Brown about the future of 'A levels'

Seats and candidates: We are adding website links to the names of MEP candidates

At contributors continue to discuss the fallout from Rowan Williams' intervention on sharia law.

Cleggnickdeclaring_2 Nick Clegg's talk of LibDem support for a minority Conservative government wins mixed reviews from within his own party

"A senior Liberal Democrat MP warned that Mr Clegg's move could split the party.  He said: "I am pretty annoyed, to put it mildly. He hasn't discussed this within the parliamentary party. It would take some swallowing for the majority.  We knew he was going to be like this. We knew he would be a maverick putting forward frankly right-wing ideas. There are a very significant number of centre-Left politicians who would find it totally unacceptable."" - Quoted in the Daily Mail

But a very different message came from "one senior LibDem figure" speaking to The Telegraph: "The shadow cabinet is more libertarian on everything from detention of terror suspects to ID cards. It is now almost a natural join with the Tories under Cameron than the clunking fist of Gordon Brown's incompetent government."

Yesterday's ToryDiary: Clegg sets out his conditions for working with a minority Conservative government

Clegg promises to tax middle and lower-income families less - ePolitix

Scottish Tories plan campaign on back of concessions won in budget battle - Herald

The Economist pays tribute to the Scottish Tories | Our ToryDiary coverage

The battle for London Mayor

Andrew Grice in his weekly politics column for The Independent looks at what is at stake in the battle between Boris and Livingstone: "As the incumbent, [Livingstone] is now portrayed as "serious Ken" against a Tory rival who was seen as gaffe-prone and high risk when he became the candidate but has been on his best behaviour so far. Labour is trying to frame the choice as between Mr Livingstone's experience and competence and the image and inexperience of Mr Johnson – which foreshadows the general election pitch of Mr Brown against Mr Cameron."

Newsnight's politics blog believes that victory in London is essential to Cameron looking like he is ready for power.  Winning a parliamentary by-election and securing high-profile defections complete Newsnight's trio of tests.

Thatcher_statue Margaret Thatcher back in the news

Reviews of 'The Death of Margaret Thatcher' - The Times | London Evening Standard

Michael Portillo to present 90 minute BBC4 documentary on the former PM - The Times

Complaints against MPs increase after Conway episode - BBC

Criticism of Labour's non-dom tax move grows - FT

Labour minister Andy Burnham glams up for Question Time - Daily Mail

BBC Radio 4 presenter cleared of male rape - Telegraph

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