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Thursday 26th April 2007

6.15pm BritainAndAmerica update: Is Hillary a moderate hawk?

BBC: "Disused railway lines should be protected from property developers in case they are needed for future transport routes, the Tories have said."

3.30pm PlayPolitical update: George Bush - A history of 'W's dancing

20070426cameronmcclus_3 3pm ToryDiary update: Please Miss, vote for us

1.30pm BritainAndAmerica update: Who needs policies when you are so likeable? Obama fever continues to grow...

12.30pm ToryDiary update: Judgment day approaches for Labour

BritainAndAmerica: Osborne hasn't met Bush, yet

ToryDiary: Seventy police officers are attacked every day

Springonplatform_2 YourPlatform: Richard Spring MP on Africa's Baghdad


Annabel_goldie"In an election which has resolutely refused to catch fire, one character - dressed in fuchsia - has stood out amid the gloom: Annabel Goldie, Tory matron and David Cameron's favourite "Scottish auntie". With Alex Salmond refusing to put himself up before the media at press conferences; Jack McConnell making speech after speech about the dangers of separation, and Nicol Stephen being, well, Nicol Stephen, it has been left to Miss Goldie to give the campaign some personality." - Scotsman


"The formlessness of early Cameron turns out to have been entirely justified. And for a first-class mind (I'm assuming he has one) the refusal to offer substance was heroically restrained. My own unasked-for advice insisted that he come up with a slogan, or a position in some form of words to make lapsed Tories proud to take up the communion again. His first task was to detoxify his party in order to gain an audience, I suggested. That's exactly what he's pulled off." - Simon Carr in the Independent


"The sad fact, shown by numerous opinion polls, is that many people do not trust MPs to tell the truth or to put the national interest above their own. I do not believe such cynicism to be justified. Unfortunately, it is about to be reinforced by a deeply misguided private member's Bill that seeks to exclude Parliament and MPs' correspondence from the Freedom of Information Act. The Bill, introduced by the Conservative David Maclean, with support from MPs of all parties, was blocked after a five-hour debate last week. Another attempt to get it through the Commons will be made tomorrow. It has been presented as an attempt to ensure that MPs' letters on behalf of constituents are not released. In fact, such correspondence is already protected." - Richard Shepherd MP in the Telegraph


John_major"After the Tories’ travails over Greg Dyke I have had to accept that what another friend wrote (in another newspaper) a year ago was right. John Major. It’s obvious he should stand as Tory candidate for Mayor of London, isn’t it? Sir John has always been personally respected and his political star has been gently rising with hindsight since his departure ten years ago. Many still miss him." - Matthew Parris in the Times

"John Major could never show it, but as he looked around the packed Old Theatre at the London School of Economics last night, he may have felt a frisson of satisfaction. Only three people alive today know what it is like to occupy No 10, and only one of them can talk frankly and publicly about it." - Guardian


"Plans to make controversial Home Information Packs (HIPs) compulsory in just five weeks could hit the housing market, a senior West MP warned last night.Cotswold Conservative Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, himself a chartered surveyor, will lead his party in a last-ditch revolt against the move, due to come into force on June 1." - Western Daily Press


"They always say the best thing to do after a fall is to get back on the horse - and that is what the Conservatives did yesterday. Undaunted after being roundly condemned by Friends of the Earth as the least green of any of the main parties, the Tories went out yesterday and championed their environmental platform." - Scotsman


"Times have changed since Labour and the Conservatives took 96.8% of the vote between them in the 1951 general election. Oddly enough, Labour got 230,000 more votes, but the Tories won the election, Churchill's first and only victory against a civilian enemy." - Michael White in the Guardian

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