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How is David Cameron doing?

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October 03, 2006


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James Hellyer

I think what people miss is that the party's right flank could be as vulnerable to Labour and absenteeism as it is to UKIP. It's not long since Janet Daley noted that for traditionally Conservative positions on issues such as Israel, immigration, and law and order, Labour was the part offering the right rhetoric.

Adrian Owens

Rhetoric perhaps James, but that's where it ends - especially on law and order.

James Hellyer

Rhetoric perhaps James, but that's where it ends - especially on law and order.

Given the abject failure of successive Conservative Home Secretaries (notable exception - Michael Howard), that's all we've really offered too!

And the point is that when Cameron has spoken on these issues (e.g. Israel) the views he's expressed have been further from from those of many traditional Conservatives than the views espoused by Labour's Blairites. That's a recipe for inactive activists.


Is your tin foil hat a good fit?

James Hellyer

Are denying that part of the success of New Labour has been its invasion of typical Conservative territory?

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